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Nov 20th

How to Become Better at Bridge

THERE can be no doubt that Bridge is a complicated game. Like all things though there are some universal rules that will aide your development in the game. Taking inspiration from the world of sport, this guide on how to become better at bridge, focuses on things you can put into practice that will greatly… [Read More]

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Oct 24th

NEW – Andrew Robson Book The Next Level

BRAND new in to our store is Andrew’s Robson’s latest book for intermediate players seeking to move through to becoming advanced.

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Oct 22nd

2019 Bridge Supplies Catalogue

OUR 2019 Bridge Supplies catalogue is now available! If you would like to order a copy, simply visit and fill our your name and postal address and we’ll do the rest.

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Oct 16th

Christmas Gifts for Bridge Players

IF you’re looking for perfect Christmas gifts for bridge players in your life then we’ve selected 8 of our favourite products, that will truly show you care. 1. Penhallow’s Coastal Range Luxury Card Table Cloth The Penhallow’s Coastal range of card table cloths, come in an array of colors taking inspiration from coastal cornwall. Colours… [Read More]

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Jul 26th

How to Shuffle Cards Better

SHUFFLING playing cards is a real art and takes a bit of practice. Sometimes it’s better to learn a new skill through watching someone do it and explain the tips and tricks they use.  We put together a short video on how to shuffle cards better. Here we show you how using our Premium… [Read More]

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Apr 6th

Product Highlight: Luxury Duplicate Bridge Bidding Box

WE’D like you to meet our Luxury Duplicate Bridge Bidding Boxes. They make a fantastic addition to your games of Bridge and are simply beautiful objects d’art in their own right.

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Mar 29th

Left Handed Bidding Cards

IF you’re a left-handed Bridge player then we have a new product just for you!

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Mar 19th

The British Bidder – Plastic Free Bidding Box

WE’VE designed and developed this exclusive plastic free bidding box and we’re rather proud of it! No Plastic Please! The British Bidder® is an exclusive product to us, that we’ve been developing for the last year as we want to be a business that uses and sells less plastic. Last year we unveiled our Environmental… [Read More]

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Jan 27th

Offcuts of Baize – Perfect for Crafters

AS you may know, we make all our own Playing Card Table cloths. In making these cloths we have plenty of offcuts of baize going spare.

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Dec 18th

Top 5 Bridge Books – Our Top Sellers

BOOKS are a great way to get to grips with some of the complex aspects of the game. We stock a wide variety on our online shop and we thought we’d share the top 5 bridge books our customers buy for themselves or for gifts.

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