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Nov 25th

New Products for November

We’ve added some fantastic new products this month to our online Bridge store. From the practical like the replacement table legs for our folding card tables or the new suit symbol napkins. Through to the sublime like the premium quality Cedar green baize that we now sell off the roll. In time for Christmas are… [Read More]

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Nov 5th

Playing Cards for Whist

You can use any standard pack or deck of playing cards for Whist. This fun trick taking game only uses on deck of cards making it easy to play anywhere. We’ve written before about Whist. As a fun and easy to grasp game, it makes it ideal as an introduction to trick taking card games… [Read More]

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Bridge Supplies Catalogue

If you haven’t recieved a Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies 2020 Catalogue – that’s because we haven’t sent one out this year. We’ll explain why… A Little Background As you may or may not know – We care deeply about the environment and the collapse of eco-systems due to business activity. Each of us that works… [Read More]

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Sep 24th

British Bidder® – Bridge Bidding Box

We designed, developed and produced the British Bidder bridge bidding box with a clear goal. To reduce the amount of plastic that we consume and sell as a business. We decided to share our process and how we went about making something new for the card game Bridge. British Bidder® Background A bridge bidding box… [Read More]

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Brighten Up Your Bridge This Autumn

We love this time of year. The transition between summer and winter, the remaining summer fruit swelling and ripening. The leaves of the trees turning warming shades of yellow, orange and red, reminders of those warmer summer days now gone. The smells of autumn too, earthy aromatics and petrichor as the rain wets, long dry,… [Read More]

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Sep 18th

We’re Going On #ClimateStrike

This Friday we’re closing for the day to join the Global Climate Strike and Friday’s for Future movements in their protests over the in-action of Governments and big business to make any steps towards real change in environmental policy. We care deeply concerned about the environment and the collapse of eco-systems. So much so that… [Read More]

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Sep 13th

Yacht Decoration Ideas: Custom Tablecloths Made to Order

If you’re lucky enough to own a luxury yacht and looking for decoration ideas, then our custom tablecloths made to order make an excellent choice. We have recently had a number of enquiries about making custom tablecloths for use on board luxury yachts. Our premium British baize custom tablecloths complement the splendour of any yacht.… [Read More]

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Aug 20th

2020 Bridge Calendars

The NEW 2020 Times Bridge Calendars are now available for pre-order. This classic little desk calendar needs little introduction. It features 365 of champion Bridge player Andrew Robson’s positions. One for each day of the year. We haven’t changed the price of this calendar since 2009, so it’s a little inflation buster too! Better yet… [Read More]

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Jul 2nd

Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes: Presentation Box New Fabric Linings

We’re very happy to announce that our beautiful Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes now come presentation packaged with 5 new elegant choices of fabric lining. Each presentation box for the four Thuya wood bidding boxes is handmade using traditional box making techniques. It is then skillfully lined with fabric by Simon. Not only does the presentation… [Read More]

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Jun 19th

Space Saving Tables

These two space saving tables have been reduced in price, due to some very minor cosmetic imperfections. If you are short on space but require a good sturdy table that folds neatly away then these are well worth considering. Both of these space saving tables are topped with a quality microfibre cloth finish, that actively… [Read More]

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