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Jan 19th

Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking for alternatives that you can play to Bridge? Take advantage of the benefits that come from doing jigsaw puzzles Why Jigsaw Puzzles? We have decided to start stocking Jigsaw puzzles after many customers have requested us to do so. So far we have listed thirty-six wonderful designs to choose from with more to come.… [Read More]

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Dec 11th

Table Cloths for Superyachts

Simon has been recently making custom table cloths for superyachts. His cloths are so beautiful, that the elegant surroundings of superyachts seem like a natural place for them to be. Custom Made To Measure for Your Yacht Having a custom table cloth made to your superyacht’s specifications can be as hands-on or hands-off as you… [Read More]

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Oct 28th

Luxury Pure Wool Blankets – The Perfect Gift This Christmas

A luxury pure wool blanket makes for an elegant and cherished gift for a loved one this Christmas. We’re stocking them over on our dedicated fabrics store now. All Natural Fibres – Good for the Environment We’re all a little conscious of our health and well being these days, what with the Coronavirus and the… [Read More]

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Mar 3rd

What are Arrow Cards?

If you’re a newcomer to bridge you may be wondering What are Arrow Cards? Or what’s the difference between arrow cards and arrow packs? Bridge Arrow cards are a brilliant addition to any bridge player’s library of learning and practice resources. They are valuable learning aide for the newcomer to bridge and the seasoned player… [Read More]

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Feb 27th

Refelting A Card Table? Read This First

If you’re thinking of refelting a card table, here’s some information you might find useful before you buy fabric. The first question you need to ask yourself is: Are you sure you are after felt? Most card tables are covered in Baize. The two fabrics get easily confused, but differ greatly. Simply put, felt is… [Read More]

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Dec 16th

Handmade by Us in Devizes

We started our business by making luxurious card-table cloths by hand and uncompromising on quality. Since then we’ve expanded into making personalised stationery and box making to bring our customers a unique and elegant range of handmade products. This time of year we’re rushed off our feet. Firstly making and personalising the unique products that… [Read More]

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Nov 25th

New Products for November

We’ve added some fantastic new products this month to our online Bridge store. From the practical like the replacement table legs for our folding card tables or the new suit symbol napkins. Through to the sublime like the premium quality Cedar green baize that we now sell off the roll. In time for Christmas are… [Read More]

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Nov 5th

Playing Cards for Whist

You can use any standard pack or deck of playing cards for Whist. This fun trick taking game only uses on deck of cards making it easy to play anywhere. We’ve written before about Whist. As a fun and easy to grasp game, it makes it ideal as an introduction to trick taking card games… [Read More]

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Bridge Supplies Catalogue

If you haven’t recieved a Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies 2020 Catalogue – that’s because we haven’t sent one out this year. We’ll explain why… A Little Background As you may or may not know – We care deeply about the environment and the collapse of eco-systems due to business activity. Each of us that works… [Read More]

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Sep 24th

British Bidder® – Bridge Bidding Box

We designed, developed and produced the British Bidder bridge bidding box with a clear goal. To reduce the amount of plastic that we consume and sell as a business. We decided to share our process and how we went about making something new for the card game Bridge. British Bidder® Background A bridge bidding box… [Read More]

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