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Sep 13th

Yacht Decoration Ideas: Custom Tablecloths Made to Order

Luxury Yacht Decoration Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to own a luxury yacht and looking for decoration ideas, then our custom tablecloths made to order make an excellent choice.

We have recently had a number of enquiries about making custom tablecloths for use on board luxury yachts. Our premium British baize custom tablecloths complement the splendour of any yacht. Simon makes each cloth by hand and has perfecting his art over 35 years. He has specialised in making cloths using baize due to its great properties.

Why Use Baize?

When thinking of luxury yacht decoration ideas, baize may not spring to mind. Yet its heavy nap prevents objects from slipping, ideal when on open water. It is a versatile fabric available in a huge range of textures and finishes. Better yet, it is incredibly hard wearing and durable. This means that baize is both elegant and durable meaning that it looks amazing for longer.

The baizes we use for handmade cloths fit into two categories. Our standard baizes are 95% wool and 5% polyester and our luxury merino wool baizes which are 100% Merino wool. These baizes have the feel and sheen of velvet, but will out live velvet many times over.

Coastal Cloths for a Nautical Feel

Our Penhallow’s Coastal Collection of cloths are a great choice for any luxury yacht. The colours of these cloths have been inspired by the colours of coastal Cornwall. The baize we have selected is a blend of 95% Merino wool and polyester to maximise both durability and luxuriousness.

Buy Online or Contact Us

Our stock design cloths can be simply ordered online if you know the dimensions. However we can make something truly custom and one off for you. With Simon’s expert skill and eye for detail, he can advise on the best cloth, ribbon and embroidery that can be added to your cloth.

Here are a couple of ideas other customers have opted for:

  • Embroider your yachts name on to the cloth
  • Choose a cloth colour or colours that fit your Yacht’s livery

If you have something truly special in mind then please contact us today.

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