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Bridge books are one of the best ways to improve your game of bridge or learn new skills and tactics. We carry a carefully selected range of the best books available, from leading bridge players and teachers.

Books to Improve Your Game of Bridge

We chose to stock a range of books that will appeal to players of levels and abilities. For the novice we have more general introductions to game and for the advanced player we stock books about bridge bidding strategies.

With all its variants there is a lot to learn about the game of bridge. If you’re a casual player looking to play slightly more complicated varients of the game, then a book on the subject is a real investment.

The majority of the books we stock are about bidding and bidding strategies. The reason being that bidding in a way is what the whole game is about. Furthermore bidding is a secret means of communicating with your bridge partner, so learning its nuances and devising a unique stratgy can put you ahead of the competition.

Specifically for the improving player we found books that offer tips and tricks have been hugely popular with our customers. These books provide easily digestible ideas that are easy to commit to memory and then use.

Our bridge bookshop also caters for advanced player with books going into great depth about individual bidding strategies.

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