Plastic Poker Playing Cards

Plastic poker playing cards are subtly different with distinct features that many of our customers value. We stock Modiano poker-size playing cards, because they are thicker and have a heavier weight than other plastic playing cards on the market. The extra weight and thickness give these cards a quality feel to the play. Furthermore as these cards are made of a durable plastic, meaning that not only are they waterproof playing cards, but that they maintain their shape and retain their colour for years to come!

More About Poker Playing Cards

The extra width of poker playing cards are a defining feature, which is due to the fact that hands of poker have less cards in them. Naturally these cards can also be used for other card games that only have small deals such as pontoon.

Tamperproof Playing Cards

Poker cards tend to be made from plastic as a security feature. The plastic is impossible to mark with a fingernail. Meaning that these cards defeat the most common means of card marking. Peace of mind if you’re playing for high stakes.

Because these cards are tamperproof they are popular with the casino’s that we have supplied them to. Modiano are a well respected brand and are known for the quality of their poker cards.

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