Andrew Robson Bridge Courses – Advanced Topics


  • Improve your bridge by taking an Andrew Robson Bridge Course in the comfort of your own home
  • Take the course on your own or with others
  • Choose from 4 topics in the Advanced series
  • Each course contains 20 deals based on a particular topic / convention
  • Quick setup - each course includes a pack of Compass Cards; no need to shuffle just deal and play!
  • Comprehensive notes - the course Booklet gives a clear analysis of each deal
  • Handy hints - the laminated Pullout is designed for quick reference at the card table


Andrew Robson Bridge Courses – Advanced Topics

Andrew Robson Bridge Courses present a novel three-in-one approach to improving your Bridge, whether on your own or with others.  You can…

  • Play 20 illustrative deals using the Compass Cards (also known as Arrow Cards)
  • Read the teaching Booklet – giving all the necessary theory as well as presenting a comprehensive but clear analysis of each of the 20 deals.
  • Refer to the laminated Pullout at your convenience – at or away from the table.

The courses are neatly presented in a printed box. There are four titles to choose from in the Advanced series: Roman Key-Card Blackwood, Splinters, Trial Bidding and Ace-Showing Cue-Bids.

Roman Key-Card Blackwood

Voted the second most important development in Bridge over the past 20 years, RKCB is, quite simply, a must for effective slam bidding.


Splinter Bidding is a vital slam bidding technique, now used the world over by duplicate players. Bid good slams and avoid bad ones with this insightful introduction to a great convention.

Trial Bidding

The ultimate in co-operative bidding. Find out whether your hands mesh well before you see dummy – rather than after!

Ace-Showing Cue-Bids

Blackwood may tell you how many aces your partner holds, but only Ace-Showing Cue-Bidding tells you which ones.

Compass Cards

There are 635,013,559,600 different, possible hands that can be dealt to a bridge player – with a normal pack of playing cards (you can read a fascinating article about it on our blog!). So it is not always easy to practice conventions when, by the time you are dealt the right hand, you’ve forgotten how the convention works! But now, Compass Cards enable you to play pre-determined deals, designed to illustrate points in an instructive and practical way. Get a real feel for the game of Bridge holding real playing cards in your hands. It’s as good as having a Bridge teacher in the room as you play!

Andrew Robson Bridge Courses

Thousands of players have learnt and improved their Bridge at the Andrew Robson Bridge Club. Now you can take these courses at home. They present a 3-in-1 approach to learning Bridge; each boxed set includes a Booklet, Compass Cards and a Pullout. These courses share the teaching approach so successfully developed and applied at the Andrew Robson Bridge Club.

“A brilliant new approach – as I expected from the UK’s No. 1 Bridge teacher”Zia Mahmood

About the Authors

Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson is widely acknowledged to be one of Britain’s finest players, teachers and writers of the game of Bridge. His many playing achievements include winning the World Junior Championships, the European Championships, and being the first Briton to win a US “Major”. In 2001 he received the rarely awarded honour of “Sportsman of the Year” by the International Bridge Press Association.

Andrew first taught Bridge at the London School of Bridge, then managed the Acol Bridge Club. But his most important achievement has been the creation and development of the Andrew Robson Bridge Club in South West London. With over 2000 members, the ARBC has become regarded as the best place to learn and play Bridge in a friendly, non-competitive environment.

Andrew is best known these days for his daily Bridge column in The Times, which as received wide acclaim for its unique combination of structured writing, clear style, and humour.

Zebedee Stocken

Zebedee Stocken comes from a family of Bridge players. He first met Andrew when they were both playing in the England Junior Trials in 1988. He represented England at junior level and has been successful in many national Bridge tournaments over the years.

Zebedee joined the Andrew Robson Bridge Club in April 1996 and, as manager and then director. He oversaw the club’s growth from part-time venture to internationally acclaimed club. He left the ARBC in 2001 to concentrate on Andrew Robson Bridge Courses, which Andrew and he developed.

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Roman Key-Card Blackwood


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