Baize Remnants

Baize Remnants, Choice of Colour & Size

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  • Remnant pieces of best quality, British made traditional baize
  • Range of sizes and colours, choose the ideal piece for your upholstery or sewing project
  • Hard wearing with a vibrant rich colour
  • Best quality baize, 95% British wool, 5% nylon
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Product Description

Baize Remnants

Buy a remnant of genuine British baize for your sewing or craft project, available in assorted colours and sizes. Made from 95% British wool and 5% nylon, our remnants are genuine baize that is durable and hardwearing, and is the very best surface for cardplay. Baize is also used extensively by professional furniture restorers and upholsterers for all sorts of projects including drawer lining, lining wooden boxes and trays, covering instrument cases, recovering antique card tables, backing coasters and ornaments, covering church doors etc. This thick, durable woollen fabric is also suitable for sewing projects such as cushions, placemats, coasters, aprons etc.  Our baize remnants are available in assorted sizes and colours, so you can pick the piece that’s just right for your needs.

Points to Note

  • We cannot guarantee that all remnants of the same colour are from the same die-batch, so there may be some variation in colour and thickness if you buy multiple pieces.
  • Some pieces have chalk lines, selvedges, or an uneven edge.  The advertised size is always measured inside these marks, so the actual piece you receive may be larger than stated.
  • Sizes are in centimetres.
  • All baize remnants, regardless of colour or size, are top-quality British made fabric, 95% wool / 5% nylon.
  • Other sizes and colours are available – if you’re looking for something specific, please contact us with your requirements.

Pieces Marked ‘End of Roll’

End of roll pieces are a much more economical way to buy a remnant of top quality baize. Tape secures the fabric on a full roll and when this is removed it leaves a corresponding mark on the fabric.  However, the inside of the fabric (the right side) is unaffected so end of roll pieces are great for projects where only one side of the fabric will be seen. For example:

  • Lining the underside of chess pieces or ornaments
  • Lining a drawer or wooden box
  • Backing a coaster
  • Making a pocket
  • Using the baize for appliqué

Baize or Felt? A (Shortened) Guide to Choosing the Right Fabric

We at Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies have been making top-quality baize table cloths for bridge for over quarter of a century, so we consider ourselves to be experts on fabrics for card tables and cardplay. There is a lot of confusion about the difference between baize and felt. This isn’t surprising when you search online and find many suppliers describing felt as baize, or a fabric as ‘baize felt’, ‘felt baize’ or even felt/baize as if the two fabrics are the same. They’re not!

It’s important to know whether you’re buying baize or felt, because the two fabrics are very different. Felt is a lightweight fabric made from matted fibres of either wool or a synthetic. Being matted rather than held together in a tight weave, the fibres easily fluff up or ‘pill’ if rubbed. On the other hand, baize is a strong, dense and hard-wearing fabric made from woven strands of wool. It it’s top-quality, such as the fabric we’re selling here which we also use to make our baize bridge cloths, it doesn’t pill and it will look great and last for many years. There really is no comparison between felt and the far superior baize. You can purchase baize from us with complete assurance that you are buying a top-quality fabric.

Click Here to read our full guide to Baize and Felt.

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Burgundy, Navy, Green, Black


68 x 12cm, 84 x 17cm, 72 x 61cm, 85 x 56cm, 87 x 15cm, 190 x 41cm, 105 x 47cm, 265 x 45cm, 97 x 36cm, 85 x 44cm, 116 x 25cm, 169 x 60cm, 80 x 26cm, 78 x 20cm, 90 x 57cm, 81 x 24cm, 91 x 57cm, 89 x 57cm, 90 x 55cm, 148 x 48cm End of Roll, 90 x 24cm, 95 x 22cm End of Roll, 96 x 30cm, 97 x 33cm, 83 x 48cm, 104 x 65cm, 94 x 72cm, 134 x 39cm, 21 x 17cm, 67 x 9cm, 96 x 11cm, 32 x 19cm, 27 x 21cm, 145 x 43cm, 25 x 20cm, 22 x 21cm, 21 x 20cm, 26 x 22cm, 69 x 9cm, 79 x 14cm, 84 x 10cm, 93 x 9cm, 93 x 10cm, 88 x 65cm, 132 x 67cm, 60 x 32cm, 150 x 83cm, 121 x 14cm, 76 x 54cm, 102 x 46cm, 109 x 44cm


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