Boxed Set of 4 Ball Point Bridge Pens, 4 Aces Design, with FREE Refills


  • Set of Four Bridge Pens
  • Smartly Packaged in a Presentation Box
  • Ball Point
  • Striking 4 Aces Design in Red, Gold and Black
  • Ideal for Scoring Card Games

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Boxed Set of 4 Bridge Pens, 4 Aces Design

Treat your fellow players to a proper bridge pen for scoring, with our set of bridge pens, 4 Aces design. These popular pens are white with a gold colour tip, nib, clip and band. An Ace of each of the playing card suit symbols decorates each pen as well as a striking king/queen design in red, black and gold. The set has one pen of each Ace. Having two red and two black, it’s the ideal set for the two competing partners in bridge: red against black! Check out our team colours of bidding boxes too, and you’ll be all set for some friendly competition! More importantly, the pens are ball-point so the ink flows out evenly and they’re nice to write with. Furthermore, we sell the cross-type refills separately in a choice of blue or black ink. This means you can refill the pens when the ink runs low. Finally, a Simon Lucas black presentation box provides the packaging for the pens to keep them together neatly and safely between games.

A Brief History of the Playing Card Suit Symbols

The idea of suit symbols probably originated with Chinese ‘Money’ cards. However, the suits that made their way into Europe were probably an adaptation of the Islamic cups, swords, coins, and polo sticks. Clubs were used instead of batons as Europeans didn’t understand what the polo sticks were. Some scholars think that the suits represent the social classes of the time:

  • The chalice (hearts) represents the Church or clergy
  • Swords (spades) represent the nobility
  • Money (diamonds) represent the merchant class
  • Batons (clubs) represent the peasant class

Germanic suit systems (including Swiss) evolved after a period of experimentation with different combinations of suits. Finally the French suit system came about as a technical innovation in which the numeral cards were simplified so that they were easier to mass produce. As such, the French suits have become the most widely-used suit system around the world.

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The Four Aces Pen Set

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