Burgundy Washable Velvet Bridge Cloth

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  • Produced from a British made, 100% cotton, washable velvet, a very practical cloth
  • Deep burgundy in colour ideal for every day use, with a great card playing surface
  • Expertly handmade and inspected in our workshop ensuring unrivaled quality
  • A choice of sizes to fit all folding card tables
  • Posted out in a box because we care about how our products arrive to you

This best selling cotton velvet cloth is beautifully made to order by us to our usual high standards.

  • Would you like your cloth packaged in a handmade presentation box?

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Burgundy Washable Velvet Bridge Cloth

If you’re looking for a cloth in a warm burgundy colour that looks beautiful and is also washable, the Burgundy Washable Velvet Bridge Cloth is for you. Made with love and care in our Devizes workshop from fade-resistant British velvet, 100% cotton, it’s beautifully made by us to our usual high standards. The Burgundy Washable Velvet Bridge Cloth is the largest cloth we produce at approximately 48 inches / 120cm square so it’s suitable for use on a variety of sizes of card table. For smaller tables and a more cost-effective cloth, you can have the same cloth but made to a size of 41 inches / 104cm square. Compared to washable velvet cloths from other suppliers, ours are a far superior quality and offer the best value overall.

Characteristics of Velvet

Made from a shallow-pile velvet, the beauty of this fabric is how it reflects and absorbs the light. If you look down the pile the light is reflected with a lovely sheen and the colour appears lighter. If you look against the pile, the light is absorbed giving a richer and deeper appearance. These visual effects are due to the pile having a direction or ‘nap’, which you can feel when you run your hand across the fabric: it feels silky smooth if you stroke down the pile, and it feels harsher if you brush against the pile. Over the course of a game, the pile will inevitably lift if someone runs their hand or arm against the nap, giving a darker appearance to that area. Simply smooth it back down with the flat of your hand to restore it back to its beautiful sheen. A pressure mark can occur on velvet if the pile is crushed or pressed flat. We advise against leaning on or placing heavy objects on velvet cloths to prevent pressure marks appearing. Full instructions on the care of your velvet cloth are included.


All our velvet cloths go through rigorous quality control before their final pressing. Each cloth is neatly and professionally folded then sealed into a protective plastic bag. The bagged cloth is then put into a mailing box ready for despatch, with most cloths made to order so they’re in peak condition.  These boxes and packing methods have been developed to ensure our velvet cloths are successfully transported all over the world, arriving at their destination in perfect condition and ready for use. We offer the option of a handmade presentation box in a co-ordinating colour with the burgundy washable velvet bridge cloth. Not only does the cloth look fabulous in the presentation box, it provides you with ideal storage for the velvet.

Buy this Cloth and Support UK Manufacturing

We’ve been making our top-quality bridge cloths for over a quarter of a century and in that time we’ve seen the UK textiles industry decline dramatically, along with nearly all other British manufacturing. We are proud to be a small British manufacturer ourselves, and we’re proud to support the remaining British textiles industry by purchasing fabrics and trimmings that are made here in the UK. By buying a bridge cloth from us, you are supporting a chain of UK manufacturing companies and their employees for which we’d like to say a big Thank You to you!

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Additional information

Weight 0.712 kg
Dimensions 43 × 42 × 4.5 cm

41" / 104cm square, 47" / 120cm square


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