Charles Lynn Bragg City Limits – 1000 Piece Puzzle


  • 1000 piece puzzle
  • Explore the detail of this wonderful work of art, piece by piece

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Charles Lynn Bragg City Limits – 1000 Piece Puzzle

In Charles Lynn Bragg City Limits, the artist juxtaposes the natural world against the encroaching manmade world. This neatly highlights his environmental concerns. Through his use of bright and vibrant colours and a wonderful array of plants and wildlife, Charles is showing us the wonder of the natural world and what we stand to lose through human activity.

Studying fine art through a jigsaw is a fantastic way to learn about a painting. It helps you to look at the detail that you might otherwise have missed. Furthermore, you can study the way the artist has worked with the medium in very close detail.

About the Artist

Charles Lynn Bragg was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1952. His artist parents, Charles Bragg and Jennie Tomao moved young Charles (Chick) and younger sister Georgia to Los Angeles in 1956 to establish a professional art studio in Beverly Hills. As teenagers, his parents took the family to galleries and museums in Los Angeles, New York and Europe. Art and Art History unfolded naturally and on purpose for Chick.

The Creation of City Limits

In 1986, Chick started a painting of a woman standing in a tropical jungle, surrounded by menacing forest animals. Frustrated and unhappy with several attempts at painting a convincing or compelling figure, Bragg painted it out and filled the scene instead with dozens of animals, birds and insects hidden about in the lush jungle foliage. He added a cityscape, complete with skyscrapers and a nuclear power plant in the background.  Lastly, Chick painted a bulldozer bearing down on all animal and plant life. The title of the work naturally popped into his head, City Limits.

The environmental theme and artistic style of City Limits struck a chord with Bragg and the public. A vegetarian since the age of 18, it encapsulated Chick’s concern for the environment and for the welfare of all animal life.  Depicting and conserving the Earth’s ecosystems became his purpose in art and in life. He took his camera from the mountain tops to coral reefs throughout the world to photograph the ordinary and the extraordinary to combine the images into an animated composition of places, things and animals. He became involved with environmental movements and animal rights issues.

About Pomegranate Puzzles

Pomegranate’s core values are to make art accessible to everyone. To achieve this, Pomegranate partners with museums, artists, and writers to integrate their works into illuminating products that art lovers, travel enthusiasts, and avid learners are excited to share with others.

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