Wooden Bidding Boxes with Plastic Bidding Cards – Cherry


These superb quality boxes are EXCLUSIVE TO US and have superior hinges. Don’t be fooled by similar looking boxes sold elsewhere!

  • Set of 4 wooden bidding boxes
  • Chosen by us as the best on the market for this type of box ensuring quality
  • Solid construction made from hard wood, fine cherry lacquer and superior hinges
  • Supplied with durable 100% plastic bidding cards that can be wiped clean
  • Compact shape for easy storage
  • Bidding cards are stored inside the box when not in use

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Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes with Cherry Lacquer

Add a touch of luxury to your bridge with a set of smart wooden bridge bidding boxes with cherry lacquer. We chose this set for its top-quality construction and finish, and it’s exclusively available from us in the UK. Top-quality boxes deserve top-quality bidding cards, and this set is complete with durable 100% plastic bidding cards. When not in use, the bidding cards are stored safely and neatly inside the box. Furthermore, two wooden internal dividers hold the bidding cards in place during storage.

Superior Hinges – Best on the Market

With an ergonomic shape for easy storage, the real beauty of these boxes are the superior hinges. These are small, neat and hidden, but their biggest advantage is that they’re much stronger than other boxes on the market. We dismissed the Jannersten ‘Elegance’ wooden bidding box available from other suppliers because the hinges are very weak and break easily. By comparison, our wooden bridge bidding boxes with cherry lacquer are more elegant and are a sturdier construction, plus they have the added bonus of 100% plastic bidding cards which can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Beautifully Co-Ordinating

A clear cherry-colour lacquer provides the smart finish to these boxes. Being transparent, the grain of the wood shows through beautifully. The look of these wooden bridge bidding boxes is one of sophisticated elegance.

Further Information

Size when closed: D14.5 x W9.5 x H4cm. Not sure which style of bidding box is for you? See our Guide to Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes.


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