Eco Non-Slip Matting

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  • 1 metre of high quality green biodegradable non-slip matting ideal for slippery surfaces
  • Cushioned and soft, machine washable and easily cut to shape
  • Perfect for stopping cloths moving on shiny surfaces such as glass and wood
  • Does not react when in contact with wooden surfaces
  • Sold by the metre, choose half a width (91 cm) or a whole width (182cm)
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Eco Non-Slip Matting

Eco Non-slip matting makes life a little easier. It provides superior grip and safety in the home, for leisure activities, in Hospitals, or Clinics, Care homes, Industry, Manufacturing and Catering. It simply is an effective solution to stop items slipping and moving. It eliminates the need for adhesives, clamps or other forms of fixing in a wide range of applications.

As it’s such a helpful product with a huge variety of uses, from day to day home use through to manufacturing processes, it has been formulated so it’s a suitable fabric to use around children, the elderly, a production workbench or incorporated into one of your sewing/craft projects (such as sewing onto the underside of a playmat).

Along with its multitude of other uses, this green biodegradable Non-Slip Matting is ideal for putting under bridge cloths and table cloths to hold them in place, especially when you’re playing on a shiny table top. Cushioned, soft and machine washable, its versatility lies in that it’s easily cut to shape. It is fire retardant, UV stable and contains no latex or rubber, so you can use it with confidence around the home, car, caravan, workshop and office.

Being toxin-free and non-allergenic, the Eco Non-Slip Matting won’t react with any wood finishes, making it ideal for holding your bridge cloth in position. It has lots of different uses around the home; we’ve found it useful to stop chopping boards slipping, and to line the small compartments in the car to stop coins and sets of keys jangling. We’ve even put it underneath the telephones in the office, to stop them sliding across the wooden desk! To read more about using this handy matting, read our guide: Top 10 Uses for Non-Slip Matting.


Sold by the metre, you have a choice of half a width (91cm) or a whole width (182cm). If you buy more than one metre we will send your order as a continuous piece unless you state otherwise.

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1 metre, half width (91cm), 1 metre, full width (182cm)


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