Penhallow’s 100% Merino Wool Dark Green Greek Key


  • Produced from luxurious soft 100% Merino Wool ensuring you get the best material available
  • Beautiful Dark Green merino wool, rich and deep in colour with a lustrous sheen
  • Wide classic woven gold Greek Key border in green and gold, mitred in each corner
  • Expertly handmade and inspected in our workshop ensuring unrivalled quality
  • Large in size at 45 inches or 114cm square it will fit all folding card tables
  • Cleverly folded, wrapped in crisp tissue and posted out in a handmade presentation box because we care about how our products arrive to you

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Penhallow’s Dark Green 100% Merino Wool Bridge Card Table Cloth with Greek Key Border

This exquisite Dark Green Merino Wool Bridge Card Table Cloth with Greek Key Border is made from a very special British baize called Doeskin. It’s a beautiful, elegant cloth, made from the finest British materials. The Doeskin baize is a faced cloth with a slight nap, creating the most wonderful interplay of light and shade, and a subtly lustrous sheen. Such an elegant fabric needs an elegant border, so we’ve had a British heavyweight tapestry Greek Key border woven to match. Bringing these best of British materials together as a luxury bridge cloth, Simon uses his 30 years of experience to lovingly and skillfully make each cloth to order in our Devizes workshop.


The luxury Dark Green 100% Merino Wool Bridge card table cloth with Greek key tapestry border measures approximately 45 inches / 114cm square. It has the perfect amount of drape when used to cover a standard card table. Larger and bespoke shapes and sizes can be made to order.

Doeskin Baize

Made from 100% Merino wool, tightly milled, twill weave, with a face finish, Doeskin is the preferred choice of the world’s leading designers because of its soft handle and lustrous drape, which works exquisitely to complement furniture contours. This traditional cloth is made in the UK to exacting standards, upheld through generations, yet it retains a thoroughly luxurious modern feel. The striking colour ensures that this Doeskin really stands out from the crowd. Beautifully simplistic yet stylish and elegant, this fabric is brought to life through the very detailed approach that the mill takes in selecting the best quality fibres, combined with the years of processing knowledge and expertise.

The term ‘Doeskin’ originated from the similar appearance and feel of the fabric to the skin of a female deer. Along with the practical purpose for allowing rain to run off the surface in the direction of the nap, the light is captured on the face finish and bounces off the surface to create a lustrous sheen, similar to the appearance of velvet.

The doeskin baize has a weight of 390gsm.

Greek Key Border

The best quality fabrics deserve the best quality trimmings, expertly sewn. Through Simon’s many years of making card table cloths, his expertise and knowledge is unrivalled. We have our trimmings made especially for us, and take time and care in getting the shade and design absolutely right for each cloth. We entrust our trimmings to be made to the standard we require by a British company that has over 200 years of history in the manufacture of trimmings. As with the mill that makes the baize, Simon is one of their longest-standing customers and we work closely together to get the quality and finish that these special cloths deserve.


Each Dark Green Merino Wool Bridge Card Table Cloth with Greek Key Border takes several hours of skilled workmanship to produce. This means that your order might take a few days longer than usual to despatch, but we promise that the wait will be worthwhile! When your cloth has been made for you, we pack it neatly with layers of crisp white tissue paper in a handsome handmade box so that it reaches you in peak condition. Designed to store you cloth in between games to keep it in the best condition, the presentation box has a white ribbed lid and a base to co-ordinate with the colour of your cloth.


Our planet has finite resources and we strongly believe that we should all be buying less and making what we have last longer. That is why we’ve always produced baize cloths from the best quality materials – our intention is that it’s a one-off purchase for you, and if looked after properly, will last for decades and even maybe a lifetime. Merino wool is a natural fibre. Unlike synthetic fibres, it’s both fully biodegradable, and harmlessly degrades in a marine environment should any fibres make it to the sea after cleaning (the washing of synthetic fabrics is one of the worst contributors to plastic microfibre pollution in the oceans). Wool is also much more hardwearing than synthetics, making a durable bridge cloth. It naturally absorbs toxins from your home, so is a good fabric for a healthy home.

By using fabric and trimmings from British mills, the carbon footprint of each cloth is kept to the minimum. Furthermore, we only use 100% renewable energy in our workshop, so the production of the Dark Green Merino Wool Bridge Card Table Cloth with Greek Key Border is carbon neutral.

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Weight 1.250 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 41 × 5 cm


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