Guide to Better Acol Bridge by Ron Klinger


Here is the third edition of this standard guide to Acol bidding and play which has had no fewer than twelve impressions to date. Used by teachers throughout the world, it can be used also as a self-teacher for those without access to a bridge teacher. 200 pages.

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Guide to Better Acol Bridge by Ron Klinger

Guide to Better ACOL Bridge first appeared twenty years ago and became the leading guide for players wanting to improve their skills and is used by teachers throughout the world conducting intermediate courses or as a self-teacher for those without access to a Bridge teacher. Since the last edition was published, the fundamentals have not changed, but there has been progress in the approach to ACOL bidding.

This new edition retains the basic structure while introducing new concepts. While the emphasis is on better bidding, each chapter contains examples of play. These incorporate the bidding principles of the chapter and also highlight many areas of winning declarer technique and defence. Each chapter contains plentiful exercises and partnership bidding practice. At the end of each section, a revision test enables the reader to measure the rate of progress.

If you are able to master even fifty per cent of the material in this book, your results will reflect your enhanced expertise.


“This is a book which is absolutely packed with good material – and when we say packed, we mean packed for not a scrap of space is wasted.” – Bridge Magazine

About the Author

Ron Klinger is one of the world’s leading bridge teachers and writers with over Bridge books to his credit. He is also an Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master.

Paperback. 200 pages.

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