Improve Your Bridge Memory by Ron Klinger


Many bridge mistakes arise from a faulty memory, and those who learn to improve their memory will automatically improve their game. 96 pages.

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Improve Your Bridge Memory has been written because many Bridge mistakes arise from a faulty memory. If you learn to improve your memory you will automatically improve your game. World-renowned Australian player, teacher and author, Ron Klinger, shows the way in this book, suitable for players of all abilities.

The three sections cover different grades of expertise – beginners, intermediate and advanced. The tastiest morsels are to be found in the intermediate section where the author discusses how to remember vital principles of play, how to remember which cards are high, and even how to cause memory problems for the opponents!

Bidding is by no means neglected. We are all familiar with the disasters that come about when one member of a partnership forgets the system, passing a transfer or leaving his partner to play in a cue-bid.

Ron then goes on to show a number of simple ways of avoiding such memory lapses. Readers of the Master Bridge Series know Ron Klinger as the author of many excellent books on bidding and play. Everyone can benefit from a study of this brilliantly original book, for a Bridge player with a trained memory cannot fail to be a better Bridge player.


“If you’re looking for something different in a bridge book, try Improve Your Bridge Memory. This is not a course in memory lessons. Rather it makes it easier to learn and remember what is important to bridge players. The tenth impression of a remarkable publication.” The Bridge World

About the Author

Ron Klinger, with more than forty outstanding Bridge books to his credit, is not only a leading teacher and international champion, but also a first class Master of Laws. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

Paperback. 96 pages.


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