Jannersten HandyDup


An affordable hand-held duplicator. Ideal for small clubs, teams, teachers and duplicate bridge at home.

  • Hand held duplication device for home, teachers and small clubs
  • Same functionality as a Duplimate machine at a tenth of the price!
  • 1 year warranty
  • Connects to your PC. USB cable and software included.
  • Requires bar-coded cards

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Jannersten HandyDup

The Jannersten HandyDup is the ideal solution for teachers, home use, small clubs and clubs with a limited budget.  It has the same functions as a Duplimate machine but at a tenth of the price! It also good for teams wanting the deals in electronic form (for analysis/replay) and duplicate at home (for one table and up). It takes approximately 30 minutes to prepare 32 boards.

The HandyDup comes with a USB cable for connecting to your PC. It has a very comprehensive software package with everything you need for dealing, duplication, analyzing, printing, video presentations, web publishing and more. You can either deal in the way you normally do (the deal is registered) or let the four LED lights on the top tell you where the cards should go (the deal is duplicated). It has three modes:

  1. Duplicating. Duplicating means that the HandyDup sorts deals that can be dealt by the system or come from and external source.
  2. Hand Dealing. Hand dealing means that you deal as usual with the HandyDup in your hand. The point is that the deals will be automatically registered so that they can be analyzed, printed etc.
  3. Reading. Reading means that the deals have been played in e.g. a team match are read into the system so that they can be analyzed, printed etc.

Playing Cards

The HandyDup requires the use of Bar-Coded playing cards.


Jannersten offer a 12 month warranty on this product and a 6 month money back guarantee.

Instructions For Use

The Handydup comes with very comprehensive instructions:


Compatible Operating Systems Windows XP, Vista, 7,8
Included peripherals USB cable, BOS package software
PC connection USB
Type of cards Barcoded
Warranties 1 year


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