John Simpkins Sri Yantra – 1000 Piece Puzzle


  • 1000 piece puzzle
  • The Sri Yantra mandala at the center of this painting is a tool to defeat negativity and instill well-being. Enjoy the benefits of completing this puzzle slowly and mindfully.

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John Simpkins Sri Yantra – 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

The Sri Yantra is a mandala at the center of this puzzle. A painting by John Simpkins is a tool to defeat negativity and instill well-being. Its intersecting triangles represent the merging of the physical with the spiritual. Simpkins has positioned it within an owl perched atop his beloved poodle Phoebe. Additionally, by putting together this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, the highly detailed and enlivening composure may lead you to discover the power of meditation.

Studying fine art through a jigsaw is a fantastic way to learn about a painting. It helps you to look at the detail that you might otherwise have missed. Furthermore, you can study the way the artist has worked with the medium in very close detail. Jigsaws are also a fantastic way of unwinding and relaxing. The benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles are varied, beyond just the simple challenge of completing them.

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