Loose Pack of Rubber Bridge Score Cards – White


  • Loose Pack Rubber Bridge score cards (50 Cards Per Pack) single sided
  • Quality 300gsm thick card for a luxury feel
  • 100 Rubbers or 300 gamers per pack!
  • Includes a handy blank area to add notes

Need a Scoring Table?

We stock laminated chicago and rubber bridge scoring tables in both pocket and large sizes.

Please Note: These score cards DO NOT fit our own brand score card holders

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Loose Pack Rubber Bridge Score Cards – White Trim

This loose pack Rubber Bridge Score Cards are top-quality 300gsm Conqueror Brilliant White Wove card comes with a blank area at the top that you can write details about your current game or match in to. The Rubber Bridge score card beneath is designed to give you maximum space for scoring.

Loose Pack Rubber Bridge Score Card Sizing

Score card / pad size: 99 x 210mm (the size of a standard compliments slip). These score cards are single sided, because they are the same score cards that we used for our personalised score cards. When we personalise score cards the cards can have no printing on the back of them as the method of doing this requires pressure and heat which can affect the reverse side of the card.

Rubber Bridge

Rubber bridge is played by two competing pairs of players. Three games of bridge are played and a rubber is a ‘best-of-three’ competition. Play proceeds until one pair wins 100 or more points to win that game. There is a horizontal line dividing the Rubber Bridge Score Cards which is used when scoring. The winning bid’s value (tricks that are bid and made) is scored below the line, and bonus points such as overtricks are scored above the line.

The winning pair is generally the first pair to win two games. On our Rubber Bridge Score Cards, all three games that make up a rubber are scored on one side of the score cards, so you get a whopping 100 rubbers/300 games from just one pad!

While the basic elements of scoring are similar to Chicago or ‘four-deal’ bridge, their method of accumulation and recording differ slightly, and honours do score. We include scoring tables for both Rubber and Chicago bridge in our Contract Indicator and Scoring Aid.


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