Luxury Handmade Presentation Box for Velvet Cloths


  • Beautiful handmade box in a choice of three colours
  • Designed to minimise pressure marks on your velvet cloth when folded between games
  • Fabulous way to present a velvet bridge cloth as a gift
  • Suitable for use with all the Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies velvet cloths (washable and luxury)
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Luxury Handmade Presentation Box for Velvet Cloths

What nicer way to receive your brand new cloth and store it between games than in a Luxury Handmade Presentation Box? These lovely boxes are designed as presentation packaging and storage solutions for all the velvet cloths in our Players Collection of washable cloths and Versailles Collection of luxury velvet cloths. Handmade in England, the box has a lid covered in a crisp and clean white ribbed paper luxuriously gold blocked with our logo. The base of the box is covered in a choice of three colours: forest green, navy blue and rich burgundy. Whether you choose the box that matches the colour of your cloth or you go for a contrasting colour, your cloth will look superb when folded away inside.

Box size 46.5cm x 41cm x 5cm.

Why Velvet Needs Protecting in Storage

Velvet has a pile or ‘nap’. When you look at the velvet along the direction of the nap, the light is reflected off the fibres giving quality velvet its characteristic sheen and making the colour of the velvet appear lighter. Viewed against the pile, the light is absorbed giving a richness and deep intensity to the colour of the fabric. It’s this visual effect that makes velvet such a special fabric.

However, as soon as the nap is disturbed, that patch will look different to the surrounding fabric and this is called a pressure mark. For example, if you lean your elbow on the velvet cloth, the pile will be crushed to a lower angle and it will make a pressure mark that appears lighter than the rest. On the other hand, if the pile is accidentally brushed against the nap, it lifts the fibres and they will absorb more light, making an area that looks darker. If this happens during the course of a game, these pressure marks are usually easy to remove by simply smoothing the pile back into alignment with your hand. But, if the cloth is stored tightly folded with the weight of other cloths on top of it, the pressure marks will be more pronounced and are more tricky to get out.

We have designed the Luxury Handmade Presentation Box to store you cloth inside to minimise pressure marks between games, and we recommend that you store your velvet cloth loosely folded inside.

Additional information

Weight 0.522 kg
Dimensions 46.5 × 41 × 5 cm

Green, Burgundy, Navy Blue


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