Metallic Colouring Pencils – Pack of 12


  • Set of 12 colouring pencils
  • Reflective metallic colours
  • Ideal for art, and for colouring books
  • No mess, no specialist knowledge and no clearing up needed – just open the tin and get creative!

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Metallic Colouring Pencils – Pack of 12

Carefully selected to particularly suit colouring book enthusiasts, these wonderful metallic colouring pencils are just the tool. The pencil lead is soft so heavenly to use, and the extra thick core (3mm) increases the pencil’s life. This lovely array of 12 reflective metallic colours, come in a presentation tin. If you haven’t tried colouring before, let this lovely selection of subtle colours inspire you to have a go.

Discover our range of high quality coloured pencils, specially designed to suit every artist, from the beginner to the master. Made of linden wood with an extra soft core.

The Benefits of Pencils

Colouring pencils are a great medium to use for art. No specialist knowledge or preparation of the pigment is required, simply open the tin, select your pencil, and begin! When using them, your hands, clothes and surroundings stay clean and tidy. And when your creative fun has come to an end, they’re super easy to tidy away – no washing up needed! Give them a try today.

Why You Should Give Art and Colouring Books a Go

Art is a wonderful way to pass the time. Be it doodling in a notebook or colouring in a colouring book, to painting with watercolours. Image making is inherent to our nature and is deeply satisfying. Not only that, is very good for our mental wellbeing too.

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