Modiano Texas Poker Hold’em 100% Plastic Playing Cards – Azure

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  • Texas Hold'em Poker Playing Cards
  • 100% Plastic for longevity, easy to keep clean
  • Waterproof Playing Cards
  • Made by Modiano, one of the Leading Manufacturers
  • Pack of 54 Cards, Tuck Boxed
  • 2 Jumbo Index so great for players of any age


Modiano Texas Poker Hold’em 100% Plastic Playing Cards – Azure

This is a pack of Modiano Texas Poker Hold’em 100% Plastic Playing Cards in Azure. Poker size (63x88mm – 5mm wider than bridge cards), the cards have a jumbo 2 index face (i.e. a pip in two corners) and an elegant single-colour design on the back crisply printed in azure. Jumbo index cards are favoured by poker players and, having a much larger index, are also great for visually impaired players for other card games. The deck contains 54 cards, size 63 x 88mm and packaged in a tuck box.

There is simply no better way to describe Modiano playing cards than as the complete playing card solution. Modiano cards are extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience, or sharpness. Modiano Texas Poker Hold’em Playing Cards in Azure are 100% plastic, lasting up to 100 times longer than paper based cards. They’re also washable, crimp and fade resistant, waterproof and extremely durable.


Modiano Cards are thicker and heavier than most other 100% plastic playing cards. Once you deal Modiano you will recognize the substantial feel that Modiano provides and never want to deal flimsy lightweight cards again.

Shape Retention

The thicker and heavier grade plastic also enables Modiano cards to retain character and shape better than other plastic playing cards. Expect your Modiano cards to be the only set you will need for an extended period of time.


Modiano 100% plastic playing cards pop with colour. The reds and blacks are brilliantly printed on the faces. You don’t have to worry about players discerning the pips on the cards when dealing Modiano! The back styles are also extravagantly designed with richness and taste. Modiano cards will not only impress players with their substantial feel but also with its vivid colours and design.


Modiano cards are well textured unlike other 100% plastic playing cards that are extremely smooth. Smoothness is generally not considered to be a desired attribute of 100% plastic playing cards because it makes them extremely slippery. A textured playing card is much easier to handle and shuffle. You are less likely to lose control of the playing cards during cut, shuffle or cardplay with Modiano 100% plastic cards.

Tone Up Your Poker!

Modiano produce a great collection of Texas Poker Hold’em plastic cards that will brighten up your games thanks to a palette of luminous and brilliant colours.  The advantages of plastic playing cards remain unaltered giving you a flexible and versatile material plus the enjoyment of a bright and sparkling chromatic range. Available in a fanciful host of shades, a bright rainbow of decks is ready to satisfy all your whims.  Collect them all and enjoy a game full of colours!


Modiano manufacture some of the finest quality plastic playing cards in the world. Thicker and less slippery than standard plastic playing cards, their durable and long-lasting playing cards can be a worthwhile investment. The superiority of Modiano is the weight, thickness and papery feel to their plastic playing cards.

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Dimensions 9.3 × 6.8 × 2.2 cm


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