Opening Leads Flipper by Ron Klinger


This Fast Fact Finder is full of helpful hints and handy guides to improve your game.

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Opening Leads Flipper by Ron Klinger

The opening lead is the most vital in cardplay. The Opening Leads Flipper provides the general questions you must ask yourself before leading and gives a vast number of expert tips for specific lead situations.  It is invaluable for rapid, easy reference at any time.  The Ron Klinger flippers have staggered pages in the style of a telephone directory, making it really fast to access the information about a particular topic.  Also known as a ‘Fast Fact Finder’, existing customers of the Klinger flippers like them because they provide just what you need to know about a topic in a concise and clearly written way.  For their slim size, the amount of information that Ron Klinger has included is really quite remarkable!  At 9.7 x 16.9cm another advantage of the Klinger flippers is that they easily fit into a pocket or handbag, making them ideal to carry to games.

The Opening Leads Flipper contains information about the following topics:

  • Be a Better Leader
  • Leading the Enemy Suit
  • Passive vs Active Leads
  • Leading Away from an Ace
  • Safe Leads and Risky Leads
  • The Card to Lead
  • Leading Partner’s Suit
  • Leading Against No-Trumps
  • Leads Against Slams
  • Special Situation Leads
  • Leads vs Suit Contracts
  • Listening to the Bidding
  • Leading Trumps
  • Short Suit Leads
  • Lead-Directing Doubles

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Ron Klinger – Author Biography

Ron Klinger is not only an international player, a winner of many prestigious bridge championships and a well-know leading bridge journalist. He is also a Master of Laws, with First Class Honours, and has years of experience in teaching bridge at all levels. He brings to his books the sharpness of a trained legal mind, together with the authority of a Grand Master and the understanding of a top teacher.



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