Piatnik Empire Patience Cards


  • Special small size cards, 44 x 66mm, ideal for travel or games of Patience
  • Beautiful decorative gold bird design on backs
  • Interesting illustrative European faces for the court cards
  • Two decks of 55 cards, red and blue
  • Smartly packaged in a rigid presentation box
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Empire Patience Cards

The Empire Patience Cards by renowned Austrian playing card manufacturer Piatnik are a lovely little set of miniature playing cards. Ideal for Patience, their small size also makes them perfect for children and for holidays. There is a charming bird design on the card backs in blue/red and gold, which we think is gorgeous. The design of the court cards is European which adds to the fascination and colour of this lovely decorative set. Packaged in a smart rigid twin pack box, the Piatnik Empire Patience Cards make a great little gift. Card size 44 x 66mm, 2 x 55 card decks.

About Piatnik

Piatnik’s history began almost 200 years ago in an imperial empire, which is no longer present today. Their story began when their founder Ferdinand Piatnik (1819-1885) took over the map painting business belonging to Anton Moser. At that time, playing cards were hand painted and their production was still a craft. Ferdinand Piatnik had learned this craft in Budapest and in 1824 he started to work in the map painting business in the 7th district of Vienna. He soon renamed the company as Ferdinand Piatnik in Vienna, and when his sons joined the business it was renamed again in 1882 as Ferd Piatnik & Söhne, Vienna.

Ferdinand Piatnik developed highly successful and still well-known playing card motifs in a special way. For example, the two-engined Germans with their half-figures from Schiller’s Wilhelm Tell, the Austrian Tarot-Leaf and many Joker and Rummy cards. Piatnik was passionate about card games and he passed this enthusiasm onto his sons. The sons were quite entrepreneurial and very open to technological innovations, and in 1891 they converted the business to modern industrial production and relocated to a different part of Vienna. From there, the business expanded rapidly throughout the Austro-Hungarian empire.  Unfortunately the second world war claimed their factories outside of Austria, but their passion for producing playing cards has remained undiminished.


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