Premium Quality ‘330’ Decorative Playing Cards – Queen Elizabeth


  • Sold in pairs, 1 red and gold deck and 1 blue and gold deck
  • Premium quality for the ultimate playing cards
  • Superb handling and durability using the best playing card board available
  • Casino quality giving you the very best at an excellent price
  • Cellowrapped with tear strip for easy opening
  • Quantity discounts so you can get the cheapest possible price

We only sell these cards in pairs of 1 red and gold deck and 1 blue and gold deck. Set the quantity of pairs you’d like to order then ‘Add to Basket’.

For example, to buy a dozen packs of cards (6 pairs) add 6 to your basket. For a case of cards, add 108 pairs to your basket.

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Queen Elizabeth Playing Cards Decorative

Our Queen Elizabeth Playing cards are premium quality 330 Playing Cards. Renowned for their quality, handling and durability, these casino quality cards, have regular 4-index faces and are bridge-size (58 x 89mm). Made from top-of-the-range Premium Quality 330gsm board for optimum flexibility and finished with a special varnish for the most favourable slip and handling, they are simply the best. Packaged in cellophane wrapping, with a tear-strip for ease of opening. Tuck boxes are available as an optional extra if you need packaging to store your cards in.


Being unboxed (cellophane wrapped only) these cards are more environmentally friendly than boxed cards. They’re ideal for home use to replenish your existing card boxes and they’re used extensively by clubs too (a bridge club will store the open cards in duplicate boards or wallets, available separately). Unboxed playing cards are sometimes referred to as ‘club cards’ for this reason, but these excellent cards are perfect for home use as well. Tuck boxes are available to purchase separately.

Premium Quality

The Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Premium Quality ‘330’ playing cards are so-called because they are made from the best quality board. Black-lined for opaqueness, the beauty of the dense 330gsm board is that it has optimum flexibility; any heavier and the cards would be too stiff to fan and shuffle, any lighter and they’d be less durable and long lasting. Finished with a special varnish for the most favourable slip and handling, the cards are durable and a delight to use, providing a top-quality cardplay experience. We really enjoy seeing the delight on customers faces when we hand them a pack to shuffle!

Quantity Discounts

The Premium Quality 330 Playing Cards are a core staple for many; from the largest bridge clubs purchasing hundreds of packs at a time, to the occasional home player. For this reason we offer a range of price breaks so that you can benefit from buying in bulk and having a lower unit price. As the cards are principally designed for bridge, we only sell them in pairs and you will always get an even split of red and blue packs.

Size and Specification

Playing cards are most commonly made in two sizes: Bridge and Poker. Poker cards, also known as American size, are usually 63 x 88mm. Bridge cards, also know as English size, are about 5mm narrower than poker cards and this is to make them easier to hold when you’re dealt 13 cards at the beginning of a game of Bridge. The Simon Lucas Premium Quality 330 Playing Cards are Bridge-size cards (58 x 89mm) and they have regular 4-index faces (meaning that they have normal sized pictures and suit symbols on the card faces, and a pip in each of the 4 corners so you can fan your cards in either direction and still see what they are). The Premium Quality 330 Playing Cards have a standard bridge-legal design, meaning it’s symmetrical in the horizontal and vertical axis.

The pack contains 55 cards: 52 playing cards, 2 jokers and a bridge scoring card.

Top Tip for Long Lasting Cards

It may seem obvious, but if you wash your hands before you use the cards, it extends their life many times over. Afternoon tea is lovely for your bridge pals, but getting straight back to playing without first washing your hands will take its toll on your cards and reduce their lifespan considerably!

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The Qualities of Playing Cards

If you’d like to learn more about playing cards and how they differ in quality, you can read our article Focus On: Playing Card Qualities.

Additional information

Bulk Discounts

2 Decks (1 Red, 1 Blue), 12 Decks (6 Red, 6 Blue), 50 Decks (25 Red, 25 Blue), 100 Decks (50 Red, 50 Blue), 1 Case (108 Red, 108 Blue)

Tuck Boxes

No Tuck Boxes, 2 Boxes, 12 Boxes, 50 Boxes, 100 Boxes, 216 Boxes


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