Replacement Stickers for Duplicate Boards, Round Numbers

From: £2.00

  • Rare and hard to source elsewhere!
  • Genuine Jannersten replacement stickers for duplicate boards
  • Rectangular NSEW in green and red, and round numbers
  • For older styles of board – replace the stickers and give them more years of use!
  • Available in sets of 8 up to 32, or numbers only


Replacement Stickers for Duplicate Boards, Round Numbers

Some of the rectangle boards, particularly the older styles, had 5 stickers per board: 4 green or red rectangular labels for North, South, East, West or Dealer, and a round green circular sticker for the board number. You’ll be pleased to know we stock the genuine Jannersten replacement stickers for this type of board, even though they’re a rarity! Strictly limited availability. If the stickers on your boards have become worn, faded or have fallen off, be kind to the planet and replace them with new ones to keep your boards in use for years to come.

Ordering Information

The Round Numbered stickers are available in sets of 8 up to 32. For each full set that you order (1-8, 9-16, 17-24 or 25-32), you will also receive a strip of green NSEW and a strip of red NSEW which will give you all the stickers you need for relabelling 8 boards.

We also offer the option of buying the round number labels on their own, without the NSEW.


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