Ron Klinger’s Master Class by Ron Klinger


Ron Klinger has brought together and amplified the ten key topics covered in his recent successful Master Class tour sponsored by the EBU. This is a hugely stimulating book for all players by one of the world’s leading bridge teachers. 128 Pages.

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When the English Bridge Union invited Ron Klinger to give his lectures, it could not have foreseen the fervent response from Bridge players. Ron has the enviable ability to make even the most complex Bridge matters seem readily understandable. This explains why he has such a devoted world-wide following.

Ron’s book enlarges on the lecture topicshe gave. Which ranged from bidding and opening leads to better card play and slams. So reading it is the perfect way to improve your game. Ron Klinger’s lectures are enormously popular. He is recognised as one of the world’s leading bridge writers and teachers. Furthermore the book has the strong support of the English Bridge Union.

Ron Klinger’s Master Class

Covers ten essential bridge topics. Anyone who attended one of Ron’s lectures will want to read this book.

Paperback. 128 pages.

Author Biography

Ron Klinger is not only an international player, a winner of many prestigious Bridge championships and a well-known leading bridge journalist. He is also a Master of Laws, with First Class Honours, and has years of experience in teaching Bridge at all levels. He brings to his books the sharpness of a trained legal mind, together with the authority of a Grand Master and the understanding of a top teacher.


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