Queen Elizabeth II Gift Set, Gilt Edged Cards


  • Gilt-edged cards for the ultimate luxury Bridge Set
  • Gift set with everything you need for a good game of cards
  • Beautifully designed twin pack of cards on the best premium quality board stock
  • One decorative score pad with 50 double-sided scorecards on 135gsm card in a choice of rubber, Chicago or plain paper
  • Four full-length gold colour pencils with erasers
  • Smartly packaged in a drop lid presentation box for the ideal gift
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Queen Elizabeth II Gift Set

The Queen Elizabeth II Gift Set has everything you need for a good game of bridge. This beautiful bridge set commemorates the 60th Anniversary of her Majesty’s Coronation. The Premium Quality 330gsm playing cards feature the work of a top British designer. Additionally, the cards have optimum slip, flexibility and handling. Limited edition run of 200 twin packs. A co-ordinating score pad in a choice of burgundy or navy blue nicely complements the fantastic cards. The set also contains four full-length gold pencils with erasers. We’ve had a regal burgundy buckram and gold box made for this gift set, and as a customer who recently purchased one from us as a present for her son-in-law said: “I don’t want to give it away, I want to keep it! It’s so lovely!”

To read more about playing card board and what makes a pack top-quality, you can read our article Focus On: Playing Card Qualities.

Special Inks and Varnish

The print on the score pad cover and playing cards contains gold ink which reflects the light and looks fabulous! The playing cards have been finished with the finest varnish to give them the very best feel and handleability.

Choice of Score Pad

The Queen Elizabeth II Gift Set has a choice of score pad. Select between Chicago or rubber for bridge players. We also have a third option of a pad of plain paper for scoring other card games. You also have a choice of colour: burgundy or navy blue. For help scoring your games of rubber and Chicago bridge correctly, see our Scoring Tables.

Chicago Bridge

The Standard Club of Chicago gave its name to Chicago bridge, or 4-deal bridge, from where this version of the game originated. There’s been a sharp rise in its popularity in the last few years. This is because it’s quicker to play. In Chicago bridge, a rubber is made up of just 4 deals which generally last around 20 minutes each. After 4 deals, it’s possible for players to join or leave the game, which makes Chicago more flexible than Rubber bridge if you have between 4 and 7 players and want to rotate the play (you can get guidance on how to add and rotate players from our Contract Indicator and Scoring Aid). Chicago bridge pre-determines the vulnerability for each deal:

  • On the first deal, neither side is vulnerable
  • With the second and third deals, only the dealer’s side is vulnerable
  • Finally, the fourth deal, both sides are vulnerable.

While the basic elements of scoring are similar to rubber bridge, their method of accumulation and recording differ slightly, and honours do score.

Rubber Bridge

Rubber bridge is played by two competing pairs of players. Three games of bridge are played and a rubber is a ‘best-of-three’ competition. Play proceeds until one pair wins 100 or more points to win that game. There is a horizontal line dividing the Rubber Bridge Score Cards which is used when scoring. The winning bid’s value (tricks that are bid and made) is scored below the line, and bonus points such as overtricks are scored above the line.

The winning pair is generally the first pair to win two games. On our Rubber Bridge Score Cards, all three games that make up a rubber are scored on one side of the score cards, so you get a whopping 100 rubbers/300 games from just one pad!

While the basic elements of scoring are similar to Chicago or ‘four-deal’ bridge, their method of accumulation and recording differ slightly, and honours do score. We include scoring tables for both Rubber and Chicago bridge in our Contract Indicator and Scoring Aid.

Additional information

Colour Of Score Pad

Burgundy, Blue

Type Of Score Cards

Rubber, Chicago, Plain Paper


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