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Ram Punching Service

Busch Ram Punch

To produce our playing cards we have a top-of-the-range Busch Ram Punch (Ram Punching is a form of die cutting) and offer a Ram Punching service to the trade and to private customers. Please see below for more information, or Contact Us for a quotation or brochure.

What can be Diecut by a Ram Punch?

There are very few outer contour shapes which cannot be ram punched, including:

  • Square-cut material
  • Promotional products
  • Direct mail items
  • Post-It type notes
  • Food or drink labels
  • Telephone cards
  • Garment tags

And, of course, playing cards! Most types of materials can be made to work (including paper, board, plastic or polypropylene)

For Print Finishers

A ram punch can also punch stitched, folded booklets – on 3 sides – so that print finishers can produce shaped books, booklets and folded leaflets.

How it works

Busch Ram Punches work by pushing the material through the die to create the desired shape. The Busch concept of punching has long been recognised for its precision and productivity.

Square-cut stacks of printed material are placed in the feed tray, between the die and the ram.
When the ram is activated it pushes the stack of material through the die onto the delivery tray. The maximum size is 230mm x 230mm and the minimum is 10mm x 10mm.
The waste margin (2–3mm) is removed with the aid of a waste slitter blade, and falls down through the machine.

Card Couture
For more information about our specialist print finishing services, please visit our Card Couture website.

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