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Environmental Policy

At Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies, we care deeply about our environment and the impact that we all have on our surroundings. As part of our ongoing system of continuous improvement, we have made some very important steps forward, to help reduce our impact as a business on the environment.

Energy Source

As of Friday 1st December 2017 our business energy supply switched to 100% renewable. This falls into line with our personal beliefs and core values regarding energy use that we employ at home. Our business involves light manufacturing and requires the use of machinery. Our company policy is to only have the machines on when they are being used, so that we only use the energy as part of our process, rather than for idling downtime.


We have all seen the amount of plastics in circulation seemingly increase year-on-year, whether it is in the supermarket as packaging or whether it is cheap disposable products for sale. Scientific evidence has been mounting on the damaging nature that poorly disposed of plastic has on the environment, especially if it enters the marine habitat.

With this in mind we have implemented a policy where we are actively reducing the amount of plastics we consume and supply as a business. We keep a minimal amount of products in stock that are plastic and essential to us as a business to supply, such as the Plastic Bidding Boxes. We are in the process of making our own 100% Biodegradable bidding boxes in the New Year. More on that to come!

Biodegradable Cleaning Materials

All of our cleaning materials and the bin bags that we use are 100% biodegradable.

Waste Paper

With our business supplying customised stationery, we do produce more paper waste than we’d like to. Although we take great care in our process to ensure we produce as little wastage as possible, that nature of the work we do means that it’s unavoidable.

Instead of sending the off cuts straight to be recycled – which in itself involves high energy consumption – we have partnered with local schools and supply them with paper off cuts for use in Arts and Crafts lessons. This is a low impact way of repurposing our waste paper and provides the schools with materials they would otherwise have to buy in using money from the government.

Reclaimed and Upcycled Packaging

Whenever we get deliveries from our suppliers we make sure that we unwrap and reclaim as much packaging as possible. The best quality packaging we then use in our packing department to package our own orders in.


Naturally there will be some waste that has to go out of the door of our business. When this happens, we ensure that we recycle all recyclable materials, to minimise the amount that we’re contributing to landfill.

Our In House Products are Carbon Neutral

The following products we make in-house are carbon neutral, so if you’re looking to lessen our impact on the evnvironment, then these are the products for you! Not only that – you’ll be supporting homegrown manufacturing and industry too!