Luxury Fabrics

High Quality Luxury Fabrics to Size

The luxury fabrics in this section comprise of the best of British materials that money can buy. We use these fabrics in all our cloths and we have over 30 years of experience working with them.

British baize is a product that we specialise in and the baize that we stock is strong and durable and has a minimum 95% British wool content.

Available in Larger Lengths and Widths

The extra-wide baizes we stock are 95% Merino Wool, and at 220cm wide, is fantastic for a whole range of interiors projects and is perfect for covering Snooker and Pool Billiard Tables.

Looking for Something Specialist?

Baize and Wool Fabrics is our dedicated fabric shop for woollen fabrics – where we stock a more extensive range of fabrics for specialist uses. You’ll find fabrics for Fashion and Millinery, architectural uses such as eco-flooring and sound proofing and sports baize for snooker, billiards and pool tables.

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