Playing Card Holders

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Playing Card Holders – Basic and Luxury

Playing card holders are perfect for all games, from social games of Bridge with your friends to competitive matches with your club. These are great too for fun card games with the grandchildren, where small hands find it tricky to hold lots of cards.

Choose from our wide stock of cardholders. We have handheld and tabletop types, available both as excellent value options for clubs buying in bulk or we have a luxury handcrafted wooden card holders for social players hosting rounds of Bridge at home.

Perfect For Low Mobility

Playing cards, especially bridge, is a fantastic way for older people to socialise. However with age can come a loss of mobility in the hands and fingers, or pain from arthritis. Using a card holder can make playing card games far more enjoyable and enabling.

The main types of card holders are table top or hand held. The two plastic holders we stock are very easy to keep clean and hygenic. Which is particularly relevant if buying these for use within a care or independent living setting.

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