Bridge Equipment

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Bridge Equipment from Bidding Boxes to Duplicate Wallets

We selected our Bridge equipment to be as wide-ranging and inclusive as possible. Whether you’re looking for a set of Bridge Bidding Boxes or an elegant playing card holder to treat your friends to, when playing at home. We’re sure you’ll find just the right piece of equipment for playing bridge right here.

Bridge is a wonderful game, but to play properly there are some key things that you need, that you will find in this section. Firstly there is the bridge bidding box – sometimes called a bridge box – is the the single most important element as this holds and stores your precious bidding cards, which are fundamental to the game, as in Bridge, it is all about the bidding. Other bidding products we stock in this section are Bridge Bidding Pads and Contract Indicator and Scoring aid.

We also have an extensive range of products for playing duplicate bridge including Numbered Bridge Travellers, Un-numbered Bridge Travellers, Bridge Table Name Slips, Guide Cards for Barometer tournaments. and last but not least duplicate bridge card boards