Bridge Flippers

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Bridge Flippers

Flippers are pocket-sized books used as fast fact-finders for quick reference during the game. These range from simple scoring tables for Chicago or Rubber bridge, to mini booklets, full of information.

Like Having a Teacher in Your Pocket

Bridge flippers are great. Written by expert teachers, they give you all the information you need quickly. The small size of these info packed booklets really does make them an invaluable tool for players of all levels, ideal for carrying to your bridge games.

Andrew Robson bridge flippers are presented in a logical and visual way, using diagrams, and there’s a contents page on the front. The Ron Klinger flippers have tabbed pages so it’s quick to locate the right page. Klinger flippers are best suited to those who prefer reading text to diagrams, and are packed full of information.

Which Flippers are Best, Robson or Klinger?

Robson flippers give a great precis of the subject, and then read about it in more detail in the Klinger flippers.

All the Robson flippers and scoring tables in this category come laminated as standard. This helps to keep them in tip-top condition, giving you years of service.

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