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Sep 2nd

Popular Jigsaw Puzzles for Autumn

September heralds the start of Autumn and the drawing in of the shorter days. Jigsaw puzzles are popular as ever for autumn. Not only are they fun to do, they are also good for mental health With jigsaw puzzles available in so many varieties and styles, it can be hard to categorise them. With this… [Read More]

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Aug 30th

How to Play Whist

Part three in our Whist Series by Brian Furniss is his extensive How to Play Whist guide including hints, tips and tricks gleaned from teaching whist over 35 years Part 3 – How to Play Whist Hints on Playing Constructive Whist Many people playing whist today thoroughly enjoy the game, basically because they know that… [Read More]

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Aug 23rd

Whist Variants

Part two in our Whist Series by Brian Feriss follows on covering the other types of whist variants that can be played Part 2 – Whist Variants – What are They? The basics of whist can be varied significantly to create interesting and challenging new games. Here, Brian Furniss outlines some of his club’s favourite… [Read More]

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Aug 16th

Basic Whist

We have covered Basic Whist before. When Brian Furniss from Doncaster Whist Club – and teacher of the game – reached out to us with some instructions on the game and asked if we’d like to put them on our website, we gladly said “yes please!” Part 1 – What is Whist? Whist has been played… [Read More]

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May 17th

Why Supporting a Small Business Matters

The often quoted “Every time you buy something from a small business an actual person does a happy dance” is truer now than ever before. When you support our small business after Coronavirus and Brexit, it matters to us more than ever before. Why Buy From a Small Business? This quote above is now well-aged… [Read More]

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May 11th

Updating Our Checkout Page

To keep up with advances in technology, we have updated our checkout page, to simplify placing an order with us. Why Are We Doing This? Our website was developed a number of years ago and in that time there have been many changes in the way eCommerce stores operate. Certain web technologies now allow “the… [Read More]

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Apr 26th

Why Face Masks Still Matter

There is no doubt the vaccine rollout in the UK has been nothing short of miraculous. Offering peace of mind from the immediate danger of the original Coronavirus strain. But face masks still matter and have a role to play. Why Wearing a Face Mask Still Matters With the onset of spring, the lockdown easing… [Read More]

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Apr 12th

Taking Up Bridge After Lockdown?

Have you been thinking of taking up bridge after lockdown? Perhaps you started to read up about it while self-isolating. Here is a guide to the items you need to play the game of bridge As market leaders and one of the most established suppliers of quality bridge equipment to the game, we know just… [Read More]

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Mar 26th

Thin Baize – Pieces for Restoration

Thin Baize is somewhat sought after in the world of restoration. Simon has a special archive of vintage baize with special characteristics not found today. Baize Does Change Simon has been working with baize for over 30 years and the weaving methods have changed over that time. He has kept remnants from batches of fabric… [Read More]

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Jan 21st

7 Ways to do a Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and repeat the same behaviour over and over. But we are creative souls. Approaching life creatively helps to expand our minds, removing limitations, and leading to greater fulfillment. Creative Ways to Do a Jigsaw Puzzle So, how can we apply this wisdom to jigsaw puzzles? Below we… [Read More]

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