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Website Tips and Tricks

To help you find the products you like and buy from us regularly we have prepared a couple of handy hints on how to find those products again quickly and easily.

1. Bookmarking Web Pages

Bookmarking on the web works just like it does with books on your bookshelf. You navigate to the page you want and place a marker there.

Instead of a slip of paper, your web browser saves the address you want to bookmark in its data store – held on your computer, tablet or phone – and then displays that bookmark back to you in a number of different ways, so that you can easily find the page again.

Here’s a quick video on how to bookmark a web page using a desktop computer and web browser:

2. Site Search

Did you know our website has its own search engine? The search box in the header of the page is a quick way to find a product you know the name of. IMPORTANT: if your search doesn’t find any results, try shortening it to just one keyword. For example, if you’re searching for “learn and practise slams” try shortening it to “slams” or even “slam”. If you’ve used our site search before then you’ll know the ropes! If you haven’t here’s a quick video on how to do that. Firstly on the desktop version of our site and then on the mobile version (tablet or phone):

3. Updating the Contents of Your Shopping Basket

You can quickly and easily change the number of items in your shopping basket after you have added them. In this video we show you how: