The Versailles Collection

Luxury Velvet

We have sadly had to discontinue The Versailles Collection as our range of luxury velvet bridge cloths. This is because the velvet from our supplier wasn’t meeting our exacting standards and we felt that we didn’t want to continue making cloths from a material that didn’t fully come up to scratch. If we put our name on something we want it to be a mark of quality, something that we stake our reputation on.

Introducing Penhallow’s 100% Merino

To make up for the loss of the Velvet cloth from our product line up we have spent months scouring our suppliers for a suitable velvet alternative. That search led us to a 100% Merino wool fabric – made from British wool – that exceeds the qualities of our old velvet but retains the same lustrous sheen and shimmer that velvet has.

This new range of cloths is part of our Penhallow’s product range and we call the new cloths the Penhallow’s 100% Merino – see the range here

Penhallow's 100 Percent Merino Wool Bridge Cloths

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