2-in-1 Stylus Pen for Online and Social Bridge


  • 2 functions in 1: stylus and ballpoint pen
  • Use the rubber stylus on touchscreens for precision accuracy when selecting and moving your cards in online games
  • Use the ballpoint pen around the home and for scoring your face-to-face games
  • Smart suit-symbol design, will appeal to any card game enthusiast

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Stylus Pen for Online and Social Bridge

This stylus pen is for all Bridge players who play online, and also enjoy face-to-face games. We’ve created the perfect 2-in-1 pen for you! The Stylus Pen has a soft rubber tip which you can use on a touchscreen device such as a tablet or mobile, instead of your finger, to give you precision accuracy. The stylus pen makes it much easier to bid and move the cards accurately, avoiding mistakes. Simply touch the card with the rubber tip, and move it into play. It’s so much easier to pick the right card when your finger isn’t obscuring your view! The barrel of the pen has a soft touch rubberised outer so it’s really comfortable to hold and easy to grip.

For your in-person games, it becomes a regular ballpoint pen at the press of the push-button, ready for recording the scores. It has a pleasing weight, sits comfortably in the hand, and we think you’ll love writing with it, even if you don’t need to use the rubber stylus. We love these pens and use them in the office because they’re so nice to write with.  Etched with a suit-symbol design, this is a must-have item for any bridge player.


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