Bridge Napkins – Mix ‘n’ Match


Buy packs of our most popular Bridge napkins together.
  • Each pack contains 20 napkins
  • Good quality 3-ply paper
  • Chlorine-free, biodegradable, and printed with water-based inks
  • Beverage napkins measure a handy 25cm x 25cm; Lunch napkins measure a generous 33cm x 33cm
  • Fun design, ideal for use at your tea-time break or bridge parties!

Prices per pack of 20:

Read more£3.50
Read more£3.50


Bridge Napkins – Mix ‘n’ Match

There is no finer way to entertain your bridge playing guests with a little something to eat. These bridge napkins are a perfect way for your guests to keep their fingers clean and ready for the next round of bidding!

Ideal for Teatime Cakes, BBQ’s and Picnics

After a taxing afternoon of Bridge these napkins are perfect for catching the inevitable crumbs from the tea time break. With their vibrant design and strong construction they’ll find a use at any social event where food’s involved. The family picnic or the summer BBQ – these napkins keep everyone fresh and clean.

Durable and Eco Friendly

We’re all getting a little more eco-friendly these days and it’s a great feeling to be doing our bit for the planet. With these napkins you can definitely do your bit for mother earth.

Not only are they made from recycled paper, they’re also chlorine free and printed with earth safe inks, which is good for you and for your guests and good for nature too! WIN WIN WIN!

With their durable 3-ply construction they also last longer so your guests will need less of them which is a brilliant and economical saving for you.


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