Learn Bridge with Andrew Robson (DVD)


  • Learn Bridge with Andrew Robson in the comfort of your own home!
  • 32 bridge lessons on one handy DVD set (2 discs)
  • 8 lessons to teach you the basics
  • 24 lessons covering key skills of the game
  • Suitable for novice through to advanced player, Robson shares his expert knowledge to help you improve your game whatever your current level
  • 4 hours of original content

An excellent DVD for taking you through all levels of the game, suitable for complete beginners to accomplished bridge players.

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Learn Bridge with Andrew Robson, shows Andrew presenting a 32-part video bridge course across two DVDs. Using Andrew’s experience from a 25 year career as championship bridge player and teacher, this course will provide viewers with a compelling educational arc from complete beginner to accomplished bridge player.

The first section (‘Getting Started’) will provide the basic educational tools from which to discover the game. Thereafter, the viewer will be given a step-by-step guide to the key skills of the game.

As well as Andrew’s engaging presence as guide and teacher, Learn Bridge includes advanced visual graphics, animated Bridge content and live bridge play to entertain the viewer on their path of discovery through the world’s most popular card game.

DVD Contents

Approximately four hours of original content, produced by Atomized Entertainment, the 32 parts cover the following:

1 to 8 Getting Started

  • 1. The Game
  • 2. Tricks
  • 3. Trumps
  • 4. Points
  • 5. The Auction
  • 6. Finding a Fit
  • 7. Bidding Game
  • 8. Scoring

9 to 32 Key Skills

  • 9. Opening 1NT
  • 10. Responding to 1NT
  • 11. Opening One-of-a-Suit
  • 12. Responding with Support
  • 13. Responding without Support
  • 14. Bidding Unbalanced Hands
  • 15. Overcalling
  • 16. Opening Lead
  • 17. Basic Defense
  • 18. Cashing Winners
  • 19. Extra Tricks By Force
  • 20. Extra Tricks By Length
  • 21. The Finesse
  • 22. Declaring No Trumps
  • 23. Using Trumps
  • 24. T.O.P. Defence
  • 25. Signalling in Defence
  • 26. Stayman
  • 27. Slams and Blackwood
  • 28. Strong Twos
  • 29. Opening Two Clubs
  • 30. Weak Threes
  • 31. Double for Take Out
  • 32. Double for Penalty


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