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May 17th

Why Supporting a Small Business Matters

The often quoted “Every time you buy something from a small business an actual person does a happy dance” is truer now than ever before. When you support our small business after Coronavirus and Brexit, it matters to us more than ever before.

Why Buy From a Small Business?

This quote above is now well-aged but it is still so true. Even after years, each sale makes us happy whether it’s as the order confirmation comes through via email or if we’ve spent time on the phone with a customer helping them order exactly what they need. Each person who chooses to buy Bridge products from us and supports our business is celebrated. Whether they are buying our beautiful personalised playing cards, handmade playing card table cloths, or one of the many books about bridge we stock.  Every purchase from us supports our family business.

We’re Real People

Our business is run by two real people – not by boards, stakeholders or algorithms. Every time an order for a bridge cloth is received Simon cuts, sews, irons, folds and packages the cloth beautifully. So that you get not only a timeless piece of craftsmanship but an experience as you open your order. Our personalised playing cards are no different. Before they are personalised with care and precision by Simon, each box has been made by Andrea with the help of her brother, using traditional print finishing techniques.

Our business isn’t just a logo and a website, it is a labour of love and the culmination of many hours of learning and developing craft skills to offer something that isn’t widely available at a next to nothing cost.

Supporting Crafts and Creativity

By shopping with us, you are supporting crafts and creativity. In an increasingly homogenised world, only a small business like ours can supply bespoke, one of a kind pieces, like the ones we make and sell. Especially within a market like Bridge.

We Care

Because every order matters to us, so does every customer’s experience of our business. If a customer isn’t happy, we’ll do all that we can to resolve an issue. This often involves a lot of time and energy placed in contacting the customer and thus taking us away from other areas of the business. It won’t be some call centre contacting you, but ourselves – the owners of the business.

Thank You

If you’re a customer of ours already a thousand thank yous for returning and buying from us. If you’re a new customer or haven’t bought from us before, we hope you do. It will be wonderful to welcome you into our community of customers and to potentially have you as a customer again in future.

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