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Sep 18th

We’re Going On #ClimateStrike

This Friday we’re closing for the day to join the Global Climate Strike and Friday’s for Future movements in their protests over the in-action of Governments and big business to make any steps towards real change in environmental policy.

Global Climate Strke
We care deeply concerned about the environment and the collapse of eco-systems. So much so that we are prepared to shutdown our business for the day, this coming Friday (20th September 2019). This will include telephone and internet orders.

For a small business like ours – this is a huge undertaking as it does mean that we will lose money in doing so – as all our staff will still be paid for the day – but we feel that having a habitable planet outweighs making money.

In a time when morality and social cohesion is in steep decline, where government and businesses put GDP and profit ahead of everything else, we feel that striking and not contributing to this country’s GDP is the most direct and noticable form of action we can take. Where protests, petitions and votes all get criminalised, ignored or dismissed.

Our planet deserves better, other species deserve better, our own species deserves better and should strive for better.

To find out more and join a March near you visit:

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