Bridge: What Should Have Happened by Andrew Robson

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If you buy just one Bridge book, this must be it! More common mistakes and how to avoid them from Britain’s number one teacher Andrew Robson. Also available are Arrow Cards, so that you can play some of the deals in the book. Buy the book and Arrow Cards together and save £1.00!



Bridge: What Should Have Happened Book and Arrow Cards

If you buy just one Bridge book, Bridge: What Should Have Happened must be it. In 250-odd deals, Andrew covers all basic areas of the game in his inimitable and alluring one-deal-per-page format. Essential reading for any aspiring player, this book will consolidate and improve your bidding, play and defence out of all recognition. Don’t be daunted by its size. As one reader said “I put it in my downstairs loo, reading one page each visit (occasionally I can’t resist a second page) and, barely six months later, I am on my second run through. My Bridge partner says my Bridge is unrecognisable from less than a year ago. Thank you Andrew for simplifying the game for me”.

Hardback, 251 pages.

Arrow Cards

The arrow packs enable you to play 48 carefully selected deals from Bridge: What Should Have Happened. To generate the first deal, the dealer follows the top left arrow on the back of each card; the card is given to the player to whom the arrow points. For subsequent deals follow another set of arrows, rotating the dealer. As ever the dealer is first to call. Bid and play out the deal, then look at the corresponding deal number in the book. Did you avoid the “Common Mistake”? Purchase either the book, the Arrow Cards, or both together.

Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson is widely regarded as one of the finest Bridge player/teacher/writers in the world today. When not at his Club, Andrew travels the country, inspiring thousands at the many Charity functions and Master Classes he leads.

As a player, Andrew won the world Junior Championships in 1989, the European Championships in 1991, and the list of tournament successes during and since is too long to list. He won the Silver Medal in the 2004 World Individual, heartbreakingly moving out of Gold on the very last deal (but that’s another story…).

As a writer, Andrew began in the early Nineties writing for the Oldie, the Spectator and the Express on Sunday, and has now been writing for Country Life for nearly 20 years and Money Week for nearly ten. He is most famous, however, for his daily column in The Times. His clarity of style has seen him become universally acclaimed, and he is the author of Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, Need to know? Bridge, Bridge Secrets, What Should Have Happened, A Pack of Dos and Don’ts plus 20 books in his hugely popular Bridge Lesson Book series.

Andrew’s teaching is also legendary. Entertaining, simple, brilliant…his teaching has been described as this and much more over the years.

When not Bridging, Andrew loves to ride his mountain bike. He lives in North Barnes with his wife Lorna and two daughters, Hannah and Mimi.


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