British Bidder® Replacement Bidding Card – Alert


  • Replacement ‘Alert’ cards, standard size to fit most sizes of box
  • Top quality 400gsm board for durability
  • Best-quality coating for improved handling and protection
  • Choose left- or right-handed
  • 100% British made for reliable quality
  • Carbon Neutral for less environmental impact


British Bidder® Replacement Alert Cards

We’re proud to have our own range of bidding box refills. The British Bidder® is the only British designed, British made bridge box, and we offer a range of replacement cards. The British Bidder® Replacement Alert Cards are a standard size, so will replace the worn or lost Alert cards in any of your bidding boxes (including all of the Jannersten boxes). The only box it won’t be suitable for is the Pocket Bridge Partner Box, as this takes smaller cards.

This replacement card is suitable for:

  • Jannersten Neo
  • Jannersten Bidding Buddy
  • Wooden Bidding Boxes (Mahogany, Cherry or Luxury Thuya Wood)
  • DBF Bridge Partner boxes
  • British Bidder®

Not suitable for:

  • DBF Pocket Bridge Partner (box size 7cm x 13cm x 3cm)

Left or Right Handed

Uniquely, the British Bidder® Replacement Alert Cards are available for left or right handed players. We’re the only company that produces individual replacement bidding cards for left handed players.

Tall or Short?

We offer two sizes of Stop and Alert cards: tall or short.  The Jannersten Neo boxes, the DBF Bridge Partner boxes and the wooden boxes all have tall Stop and Alert cards.  The Jannersten Bidding Buddy and the British Bidder® boxes come with short Stop and Alerts.  Therefore, you have the choice of replacing like-for-like, or going for a different size if you prefer (some players find the tall Stop and Alert cards get in the way of the suit cards, so they prefer the shorter ones).

Top Quality

The British Bidder® Replacement Cards have been produced on top quality 400gsm board for durability. More importantly, as they get such a lot of use, the Alert cards have been coated with a special varnish for improved handling and protection. In simple terms, they’re thick and shiny, and a joy to use! Finally, they’re 100% British made for reliable quality.

Environmentally Aware

All our in-house produced products are carbon neutral. We believe strongly in lessening our impact on the environment as a company. If you’re environmentally conscious too and looking to reduce your impact, these products are a perfect choice. If you want to find out more about what we’re doing to lessen our impact, you can read our environmental policy

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