Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid

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  • Contract indicator and scoring aid ideal as a reminder of trumps on the table
  • Flip between 1 to 7, the 4 suits and NT to display the contract
  • Small size so can sit on the table during play
  • Neatly folds flat for easy storage
  • Both Rubber and Chicago scoring tables are included
  • Summarises how to play Chicago bridge
  • Spiral bound with laminated pages for durability and sturdiness
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Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid

Picture the scene: the bidding’s over and the cardplay has begun. It’s your turn to play but you can’t for the life of you remember what the trump suit is. What do you do? Our guess is probably the same as the rest of us and utter those all-too-familiar words: “What are we in again?”

Does that sound familiar?! Then this great little device is just what you need!

The Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid is a charming and colourful free-standing flip chart that would grace any card table.  Made from durable laminated card and spiral bound along the top edge, simply flip over the leaves to display both the suit and the number of tricks bid. It’s a great trump marker and wonderful reminder of the contract (select 1 to 7, and the suit or NT).

However, the use of the Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid doesn’t end there.  It also contains additional pages of useful information.  On two of the pages are scoring tables for rubber and Chicago bridge and details all the various the bonuses and penalties to help you score your game correctly. On the back page there’s a summary on how to play Chicago ‘four-deal’ bridge.  As well as giving an overview of howChicago is played, it gives information about: The Rubber, First Round Partnerships, and Dealing and Changing After Four Deals.  In this last section it has invaluable information about how to deal with odd situations such as an additional player entering the game, and a suggested movement if you have six players.

After the game is over, the Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid folds flat for easy storage.  The flip-over pages are laminated for durability and sturdiness, and this also means that they can be wiped clean gently with a slightly damp cloth if necessary.  This really is a very useful product.  Made in England and exclusive to us.

Size when standing: approximately W10.5 x D6.5 x H13cm. Size when flat: approximately W10.5 x D0.8 x H14.5cm

Other Names

This product is variously known as:

  • Contract marker / markers
  • Contract indicator / indicators / indicaters / reminder / reminders
  • Trump marker / markers
  • Trumps marker / markers / sign
  • Trump indicator / indicators / indicaters
  • Trumps indicator / indicators / indicaters
  • Whist marker / markers
  • Suit / suits / marker / markers


3 reviews for Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid

  1. F Russell

    Arrived promptly. As expected and I think will be helpful when playing bridge.

  2. MD Grand

    Colourful and useful indicator does the job it’s intended for.

  3. Kathleen Kathleen Buinicky

    I am searching for the small cube placed in front of the final bidders bid. I have heard there are vintage markers. Please give e me an idea of where to search for them. After cards are picked up and placed in bidding boxes there is one or two players who always ask: What was the final bid

    • SLBS Team

      Thank you for your enquiry. Lots of players forget the contract and that’s why we developed our Contract Indicator & Scoring Aid. It’s a little self-standing flip chart and after the bidding is over, you flip over the pages to display the contract: 1-7, and then the suit or NT.

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