Divine Intervention by Terence Reese & David Bird


Divine Intervention by Terence Reese and David Bird

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Divine Intervention is the last book in the series of humourous pieces about the Bridge playing monks of St.Titus. Each hand poses an interesting problem. As well as showing the solution, the authors analytically describe the way players arrive at the correct (or wrong) line of play. The amusing analytical discussion for each hand, elaborates further on the way that a hand could be played.

The problems posed and the explanation of the way in which they are solved are the consistently high standard  of other books in the series. This isn’t an introduction to the series as it’s aimed at intermediate players. Any of the earlier books in the series, particularly “Miracles of Card Play” or “Unholy Tricks”, make a perfect introduction.

Reviews of Divine Intervention

“The monks are back. That’s all you need to know if you have already been exposed to the wonderful series by Terence Reese and David Bird, featuring high-level bridge deals and high-level laughter, about the fanatical bridge-playing denizens of St Titus. Divine Intervention follows one of the earlier books by including an African interlude, but the high-spot in this book comes when a director tries to give a ruling in an unprecedented situation involving the silent Brother Anthony.” The Bridge World

‘Ensure that you start reading this book at a weekend, in the morning, because – like me – you may not be able to put it down until you have finished. The deals are interesting, the instruction is painless, the stories are amusing, and the characters are fascinating stereotypes, familiar personalities to every club player.’ – Bridge Plus

About the Authors

David Bird is recognised as the world’s leading humorous Bridge writer. He has written over 130 bridge books, and in the last ten years he has won six ‘Book of the Year’ awards from the American Bridge Teachers Association. In 2016 he won the International Bridge Press Association Book of the Year Award for The Abbot, the Parrot and the Bermuda Bowl. David contributes regularly to Bridge Magazine, English Bridge, Bridge World, the American Contract Bridge League bulletin and other magazines around the world, as well as Vu-Bridge on the internet. He is also a voice commentator for Bridge Base Online. He lives in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, England.

128 pages.

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