Duplicate Cards®

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Now available – Pack & Booklet Number 12!

  • Play Duplicate Bridge from the Comfort of your Living Room
  • 48 Deals per Pack Offering Great Value
  • 13 Packs to Choose from (12 Packs of Random Deals and 1 Pack of Slam Deals)
  • Every Pack has a Book of Hand Records with Comments (Acol)
  • Bulk Discounts Available – the More You Buy, the More You Save!
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Duplicate Cards®

Play bridge with friends using Duplicate Cards comparing your score to others, exactly as at the bridge club or larger tournaments. The deals have been played in real tournaments, and the results there will determine the score you get on each deal.

It is possible to replay the deals as many times as you like and the playing cards can of course be used in other card games.

A set of Duplicate Cards® contains a deck of playing cards with 48 pre-dealt hands and a booklet with scores. There is also a recommended bidding, a recommended opening lead and some thoughts about the bidding and the play.

Playing duplicate bridge at home has these advantages:

  • Eliminate the luck of the deal – what matters is how you and your partner bid and play with the same cards as everyone else who has played the same deal.
  • Compare scores with players of all levels who have played the same deal.
  • Score your game using matchpoints, and get your score immediately after each deal.
  • Read the commentary on each deal and compare your own bidding and play.
  • Play as many or as few deals as you want; at your own pace.

You’ll find it quick and easy to set up your home game. Duplicate Cards® will provide you with many hours of fun and enjoyment as you play a real bridge competition in the comfort of your own home.

Bidding System and Conventions

The suggested auctions are according to standard Acol, i.e. weak notrump, four-card majors and strong two-bids. When you ask for key-cards, Roman Key-Card Blackwood is assumed, where the king of trumps is counted as a key-card. On all deals match points is assumed.

Special Pack of Slam Deals

At last, an opportunity to practice bidding and making slams! Many players find it difficult to bid and make slam. The reason is that you do not often have the opportunity to be in the slam zone, hence the tools may not be the right to reach the best contract. Duplicate Cards Slam® is a deck with only slam decisions. On all 48 deals in the Slam pack your partnership has to decide to bid small or grand slam, but sometimes it is important to pull the handbrake and stop before you get too high…, i.e. stop in game!

How to Deal

On the back of each card are 48 small boxes with an arrow in each of them. The arrows show who should have that card on a deal. Down to the left in each box is shown the deal number and to the right you find the dealer. More information can be found in the booklet.

Additional information

Pack Number

Pack & Booklet No. 1, Pack & Booklet No. 2, Pack & Booklet No. 3, Pack & Booklet No. 4, Pack & Booklet No. 5, Pack & Booklet No. 6, Pack & Booklet No. 7, Pack & Booklet No. 8, Pack & Booklet No. 9, Pack & Booklet No. 10, Pack & Booklet No. 11, Pack & Booklet No. 12, Pack & Booklet SLAM Deals

2 reviews for Duplicate Cards®

  1. Bridgeorganiser

    Useful to prepare hands well in advance for when friends are coming round to play Chicago. That way one can be guaranteed decent hands and with a bit of manipulation everyone can have a few hands to play instead as sometimes happens sit all evening with no points and no hand to play. A few slam ones thrown in will liven up the evening too! One could deal each round using the packs each time but I prefer to deal beforehand and then transfer the hands into normal cards and then into duplicate folders, tweaking as necessary to share the playing out, but each set can be used twice – with different friends and the hosts playing the other way round. So not too onerous especially as it guarantees a non grumpy husband!

  2. Val

    The concept is great and quite superior to the old “Doop” game which we have used for many years. We had a fun evening playing some of the hands and everyone was found the commentaries useful. Thank you so much.

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