Simon Lucas Score Pad – Brown Trout


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  • 1 Pad of 50 Double-Sided Score Cards: Choose Rubber, Chicago or Plain Paper
  • In a Pad for your Convenience, Keeping the Score Cards Neat and Tidy
  • Good Quality 135gsm Card
  • Bumper Size – 100 Games per Pad
  • Collectible Design to Brighten up your Bridge!


Bridge Score Pad – Brown Trout

The Simon Lucas Bridge Score Pad – Brown Trout – is a very smart score pad. Containing 50 double-sided score cards choose between rubber, chicago, or plain paper for scoring other games. Firstly, we print our score cards on quality 135gsm card. Then we make them into a pad with a back board to lean on and cover to keep them clean. A pad keeps the score cards neat and tidy. Furthermore, the score sheets don’t get tatty as they aren’t loose.

A top British Ceramics Artist painted the wonderful watercolour of a brown trout exclusively for us. In addition, we have printed the beautiful cover with gold ink making it exceptionally special. Along with the rest of our Countryside range, these pads are highly desirable and collectible. They look good in any combination on your bridge table!

The score cards are made from 135gsm card so you can either give each player their own pad or a single score card. Alternatively you can put the score cards into our score card holders. Moreover, each bridge score pad – Brown Trout – contains 50 double-sided score cards, which is 100 games per pad.

The score cards measure approximately W8.2 x L19.4cm.

In Celebration of the Brown Trout

Brown Trout [Salmo trutta] is an important native species of the British Isles. Whilst brown trout and sea trout are the same species, it is thought that a combination of genetics and environmental factors such as lack of food make some trout go to sea before returning to spawn; this is known as an anadromous lifestyle. The Sea Trout in the British Isles have many regional names. They’re know as Sewin in Wales, Finnock in Scotland, Peal in the West Country, Mort in North West England and White Trout in Ireland. In small streams, brown trout are important predators of macroinvertebrates, and declining brown trout populations in these specific areas would affect the entire aquatic food web.

Additional information

Type Of Score Cards

Rubber, Chicago, Plain Paper


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