Simon Lucas Score Pad – Emporium – Chicago Bridge


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  • 1 Pad of 50 Double-Sided Score Cards for Chicago Bridge
  • In a Pad for your Convenience, Keeping the Score Cards Neat and Tidy
  • Good Quality 135gsm Card
  • Bumper Size – 100 Games per Pad
  • Smart, Decorative Cover to Brighten up your Bridge!
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Chicago Bridge Score Pad – Emporium

The Simon Lucas Chicago Bridge Score Pad – Emporium – is a smart score pad containing 50 double-sided score cards for Chicago bridge. Firstly, we print our score cards on quality 135gsm card. Then we make them into a pad with a back board to lean on and cover to keep them clean. A pad keeps the score cards neat and tidy. Furthermore, the score sheets don’t get tatty as they aren’t loose.

The score cards are made from 135gsm card so you can either give each player their own pad or a single score card. Alternatively you can put the score cards into our score card holders. Moreover, each bridge score pad – Emporium – contains 50 double-sided score cards, which is 100 games per pad. Overprinted with gold ink, this score pad is exceptionally smart.

The score cards measure approximately W8.2 x L19.4cm.

Chicago Bridge

Chicago bridge, or 4-deal bridge, takes its name from the Standard Club of Chicago where it originated and there’s been a sharp rise in its popularity in the last few years. This is because it’s quicker to play. In Chicago bridge, a rubber is made up of just 4 deals which generally last around 20 minutes each. After 4 deals, it’s possible for players to join or leave the game, which makes Chicago more flexible than Rubber bridge if you have between 4 and 7 players and want to rotate the play (you can get guidance on how to add and rotate players from our Contract Indicator and Scoring Aid). The vulnerability is pre-determined for each deal:

  • On the first deal, neither side is vulnerable
  • For the second and third deals, only the dealer’s side is vulnerable
  • Finally the fourth deal, both sides are vulnerable.


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