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Dec 16th

Handmade by Us in Devizes

We started our business by making luxurious card-table cloths by hand and uncompromising on quality. Since then we’ve expanded into making personalised stationery and box making to bring our customers a unique and elegant range of handmade products.

This time of year we’re rushed off our feet. Firstly making and personalising the unique products that we sell. Before picking and packing all the orders in time for the post collection at the end of the day.Simon becomes even more inundated than usual this time of year, as demand for his exquisite table cloths increases, with customers seeking them as gifts or adding a touch of luxury to Christmas interiors.

Andrea applies the same exacting standards to our own brand stationery, making the sumptuous Iguana score card holders and the British Bidders, to all the presentation boxes our own brand twin pack playing cards come in.

Not Your Average Online Shop

Many other online bridge retailers are wholly box shifters – they buy products in and sell them on. We started out differently with Simon making bespoke luxury bridge and gaming cloths for the big, high-end London department stores. From this we built our business around supplying better products for bridge. We both have exacting standards and felt that there was a lack of beautiful and lasting products available for bridge players.

This led us to set up our workshop and start creating our own brand products, as there just weren’t any suppliers out there, that produced the quality we wanted to stock. We still do a bit of box shifting ourselves, as there are just some branded products our customers want and feel comfortable using and that we can’t make an equivelent of due to copyright.

Other products we buy in, we have sought out suppliers and asked them to make custom products for us, so although similar products can be found – like our folding tables – they won’t be the same quality. Even if the naming is similar. We know, because we were the first company selling folding card tables and naming them after English towns and cities, something our competitiors copied.

All Our Own Work

Everything below (plus much more) is made by us in our workshop in Devizes

Click to see our handmade table cloths
Click to see our handmade British Bidder bidding boxes
Click to see our handmade iguana score card holders
Click to see our personalised decorative playing card twin packs

Handmade with love, passion and skill in Devizes by Andrea and Simon

Andrea and Simon Lucas - Founders and Makers of Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies

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