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Mar 26th

Thin Baize – Pieces for Restoration

Thin Baize is somewhat sought after in the world of restoration. Simon has a special archive of vintage baize with special characteristics not found today.

Baize Does Change

Simon has been working with baize for over 30 years and the weaving methods have changed over that time.

He has kept remnants from batches of fabric dating back to the beginning of his career when the standard baize was thinner and had a more open and visible weave.

Simon has a dedicated following amongst restorers who like to replace baize with a piece that is new but looks vintage in its characteristics. We hold back these special pieces and don’t list them online, in order to reserve them for those looking for special vintage characteristics.

Contact Us for Thin or Vintage Baize

If you’d like a piece of thin baize or an open weave piece for your small restoration project, contact Simon with your size and colour preference and he’ll let you know what’s available.

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