100 Winning Bridge Tips – For the Improving Player by Ron Klinger


‘Crammed full of practical information that is sure to help aspiring players improve’ Contract Bridge Bulletin. 144 pages.


About 100 Winning Bridge Tips – For the Improving Player by Ron Klinger

100 Winning Bridge Tips – For the Improving Player has been written to shorten your learning curve. Learning from bitter experience at the Bridge table is a slow, painful and often costly business. Most of us turn grey on the head and long in the tooth before absorbing the knowledge needed in order to play a competent game of Bridge.

There is no need to despair for help is at hand. This book by the well-known author Ron Klinger is written for improving players with the express aim of cutting down on the agony and speeding up the process of learning. The 100 winning tips cover specific situations in bidding, play and defence, the sort of problems that arise over and over again in everyday play, and they provide a painless substitute for experience.

The idea is to learn how to deal with all the common problems in advance, so that they will not appear unfamiliar and frightening when you meet them at the bridge table. Those who apply themselves seriously to this new edition of an outstandingly successful book will soon find their game lifted magically to a much higher level, and they will eventually acknowledge their debt to the Australian international player writer and teacher who made it all possible.

About the Author

Ron Klinger is one of the world’s leading bridge teachers and writers with over Bridge books to his credit. He is also an Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master.

Paperback. 144 pages.

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